3 Tips to Getting a Better Deal On Your Car Insurance

3 Tips to Getting a Better Deal On Your Car Insurance
July 30, 2018 K Compare

3 Tips to Getting a Better Deal on Your Car Insurance

A much talked about subject these days for car owners is how to get cheap car insurance. Although the rates for car insurance has varied very slightly over the past few years but the insurance overall has become very expensive. This is primarily because of the cost of the vehicles that keep on increasing several times during one fiscal year. Secondly, the car owners also do not put in much effort to investigate different options of cheap car insurance and do not take time out to compare car insurance within the options available.

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The car insurance industry has grown many folds in the last several years. There are dozens of car insurance companies offering several packages, one of the package could be just right for you. However, it all depends how deeply have you investigated to get cheap car insurance and whether you have made the comparison between the insurance companies and their packages. Below are 3 essential tips that must be considered once the car insurance is purchased:

  1. Relying on one car insurance company or on the car dealership takes away your bargaining chip, thus you loosing any chance to have appropriate or cheap car insurance. Similarly, comparison between car insurance companies, the packages they offer and the rate of insurance should be the priority. Unless you have not compared all these fundamentals how anyone could ascertain that the car insurance he is about to purchase is the best and the cheapest. This can only happen if you have thoroughly explored the car insurance market before stepping into the car dealership. Therefore, in other words your study for cheap car insurance should begin simultaneously with the search of your dream car
  2. Budget your insurance expense before actually buying one. Your aim should be to buy a car insurance package where you are able to pay the entire premium in one go. Do not stagger car insurance premium quarterly or half yearly. The premium cost for quarterly or half yearly payment is much higher in relation to yearly payments. Needless to say, that if the premium is delayed for any reason not only your car is vulnerable but insurance company will flatly refuse to settle the claim for any eventuality. Everyone wishes to buy the fanciest car, and many a times the buyer is intimidated by the car dealership. The more expensive the car higher is the cost of insurance, do not be impulsive, stick to your budget, at the end of the day its not the cost of the car but also other expenses that will go out of your wallet
  3. If you intend to ensure moveable or immoveable property such as office, factory, home or any other valuable item, club them altogether and negotiate with the insurance company. Likewise, if you are two or more car owner have all the vehicles insured from the same company. Car insurance companies will be willing to bargain and lower the premium cost. Accessories such as expensive DVD system, audio equipment and other after market additions can be deleted from the list of insurance cover. This too will reduce the insurance premium to a considerable level. Minor repairs can be taken care of by the owner to receive “no claim” bonus once the car insurance is renewed

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