5 Credit Cards That Will Slash Your Grocery Bill

5 Credit Cards That Will Slash Your Grocery Bill
October 18, 2018 K Compare

5 Credit Cards That Will Slash Your Grocery Bill

An average Pakistani spends around 48% of their household income on grocery. This is one of the highest ratios in the world. Since grocery shopping forms such a major part of our monthly budget, wouldn’t it be nice if there were ways in which we could save on this expenditure? Below is a list of 5 credit cards who help you do just that:

HBL Credit Card:

The HBL Green Credit card is for all those thrifty shoppers out there. Designed specifically for shoppers, the HBL credit card offers discounts ranging from 10%-25% nationwide on 150+ dining and grocery shopping. The geographical coverage is the most expansive in the country covering 6 major cities (Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, Faisalabad and Rawalpindi) and 136 smaller cities. For every PKR 25 you receive 1 reward point. These reward points can be redeemed to pay off the annual fee, buy several electronic and household appliances and vouchers for retail outlets. Moreover, users can also earn reward points for the supplementary cards offered to 6 family members. To learn more about the discounts, you can visit HBL’s website where they provide details of all retail outlets where HBL credit card users are eligible for discounts. And if that was not enough, just signing up for the card can earn you 3000 reward points.

UBL Credit Card:

Owning a credit card can be a tricky decision but owning this UBL Credit Card comes with no regrets. UBL offers 4 main credit cards depending on your income; Silver, Gold, Platinum and Gold PSO Auto Card. For the grocery bargain hunters, the Silver and Gold cards are the best bet. Both cards offer discounts up to a significant 60% off on retail outlets and grocery items nationwide. Moreover, they offer the unique opportunity to convert your rewards to cash with the Classic rewards program.  If you find yourself splurging on a few expensive grocery items, the UBL Credit card as got your back through its “Buy Now Pay later” offer whereas you can pay for your purchases a month later with no extra charge.

JS Bank Credit Card:

If you are one of those who buys their grocery and other household items online, the JS Bank Credit Card is for you. The card is accepted in almost all online outlets and offers installment plans as well as discounts for online shoppers. The JS Bank credit card also provides 100% coverage on your outstanding payments in case of death or accident and an additional 100% coverage to family members if they have one of the 6 supplementary cards offered with the credit card.

MCB Credit Card:

MCB Credit card users can earn 1 reward point on a spend on PKR 50. These rewards can be redeemed to choose and buy from an extensive i-shop catalogue which features several household appliances and grocery items. If that is not what you have in mind, you can also convert the purchase price into a 6-month installment plan with 0% markup by availing the i-plan options available to all MCB credit card users. Also if you run out of cash, the card offers users a cash advance for 75% of the credit limit, one of the most lucrative offered among banks in Pakistan.

Bank Alfalah Ultra Cashback Credit Card:

Last but not the least is the innovative Alfalah Ultra Cashback Credit Card. The credit card allows users to receive 7% cashback from 2 of the 6 categories it offers namely, Supermarket, Clothing, Fuel, Hotel, Airline and Hospital. You can choose any 2 categories and have the flexibility to change them every month. E.g. if you were earning cashback on Supermarket and Fuel in one month you can change it to Clothing and Hospital the next month. Users can avail a whooping PKR 18000 in cashback savings through this credit card. Moreover, they have waived the 1st year Annual fee for the card and provide you discounts on around 100+ dining and lifestyle outlets nationwide.

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