5 Steps to Cutting Car Maintenance Costs

5 Steps to Cutting Car Maintenance Costs
March 30, 2016 K Compare

Purchasing a car is considered a significant milestone in people’s lives. In Pakistan, we tend to celebrate the purchase by treating our friends, colleagues or family to a hearty meal; even if the treat is unsolicited by the new owner. In all the celebrations it is easy to forget about the things one must do to keep their vehicles in good working order.  Since our weather, traffic and road conditions all contribute to accelerating the wear and tear on our vehicles we need to take bare minimum steps to keep them in good working condition.

If you are a first-time car owner, soon-to-become owner, or someone who isn’t really into the vehicle thing then these tips are for you.

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  1. Don’t forget to change the oil

With evolving engine technology, the frequency of required oil change has also reduced. However, this does not mean you never change the oil in your car. Previously engines need a change of oil on every 5,000 to 6,000 kilometres. Today, you can get away with changing oil from 9,000 to 15,000 kilometres, obviously depending on your vehicle and utilisation. We would recommend staying safe and changing the oil at 9,000 kilometres.

  1. Get your ride detailed and cleaned regularly

Sending your car for a detailing job is akin to spending a day at the spa. Contrary to popular believe, detailing is not only for those with expensive vehicles. Irrespective of what you drive, getting a detailing job on your car can bear much fruit. It gives an element of newness to your car on the inside and out, helps keep the parts and the overall vehicle maintained and helps mitigate impending repair costs.

  1. Keep an eye on the fluid in your radiator:

A lot of us tend to use water in our radiator. Since water alone will corrode your radiator. Avoid doing this and use a 50:50 ratio between coolant and water. Coolant contains qualities that ensure your engine reaches optimal operating temperature quickly while maintaining a safe cooling temperature. It would be ideal if you can try buying premixed coolants which will not require you to measure how much water and coolant you need to use.

  1. Pay attention to the sounds your car makes:

Since you drive the vehicle the most, you know if there is an odd or unheard sound. Focus in on the noise and attend to it right away, especially if it is coming from the engine.

  1. Original Parts are always better

If you ever find yourself faced with the dilemma of buying local parts or the original go for the original. Though these cost more, it pays off in the long run. Don’t hold out on spare parts – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Another way to ensure your vehicles longevity is by ensuring that you have the right tires on your vehicle, this helps ease the wear and tear of your suspension and also improve your car’s drive. If you buy a brand new car, try to get rid of the factory fitted wheels right away, they generally give you low-quality tires.

We hope the tips above help you take better care of your car. If you are getting ready to upgrade your vehicle, be sure to check out our auto loan comparison tools. We help every day Pakistani consumers like you find the best auto loans in the market. You don’t have to depend on word of mouth anymore, take matters into your own hands and research your options thoroughly.

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