5 Things Pakistanis don’t do before leaving for vacation

5 Things Pakistanis don’t do before leaving for vacation
April 28, 2016 Mrs. K Compare
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5 things Pakistanis dont do before leaving for vacation

5 Things Pakistanis don’t do before leaving for vacation

So summer vacations are here you have gone through an elaborate process to plan, save, and execute for your vacation. You are super excited to be getting out of the scorching heat, road rage during Ramadan, (unless you are visiting the UAE or another Middle Eastern country 🙂 and obviously the electricity cuts.

Before you take off, there are somethings you should definitely do to make your trip as pleasant as you are expecting. Not doing these things can cause you some discomfort or inconvenience on your return.

  • Paying your monthly bills and domestic staff salaries ahead of time: A lot of people conveniently forget to do this. If you are someone who has done something like this we strongly suggest you don’t. It’s super easy to take care of bills, set up internet banking and pay your bills as they come up while you are on vacation. If you are traveling for an adventure trip where connectivity will be an issue then allocate the amount beforehand and have a friend, family member, or domestic staff to do it for you. Alternatively, you can set up automated deductions straight from your account in the event there are some bills that can’t be paid through internet banking. Paying domestic staff before you leave is essential, don’t skimp on this and don’t be casual about it. They work for the same reasons as you do. Would you be okay with not being paid on time?
  • Packing appropriately for the vacation: We tend to bring a lot of unnecessary stuff and forget the useful things. For instance if you are going to be walking around a lot bring your trainers (joggers). Your sandals won’t do. Pack the correct type of clothing articles that you will use, not the stuff that you won’t. Don’t over pack or under pack – the best way to tackle this is to figure out your itinerary of activities you will be doing while on vacation. Lastly and most importantly bring the right travel sockets with you. We always tend to forget this. If you don’t have one buy one – It isn’t expensive.
  • Entertainment for yourself or your kids for the flight: There is nothing more annoying than sitting next to a details person who always wants to engage in conversation. Some people don’t like to talk to strangers, so take a book, take music, or take something else to keep yourself busy. If you are traveling with kids, please take some inflight entertainment and snacks to keep them occupied. There is nothing more annoying than a noisy kid on a flight.
  • Informing your credit card provider: Ever been in a situation where your credit card doesn’t work? Credit card providers in Pakistan have some security protocols to protect you from financial fraud. Always’ call your bank and inform them about the dates and destinations you will be traveling on and to. This way when their system gets payment instruction they know to honor it.  Don’t call them while you’re on the trip to scream at them for putting you in an embarrassing situation. You should have informed them before you left. Though these security processes may be annoying, trust us the bank puts the security process in place to protect you.
  • Buying travel insurance: We have some unique anomalies, Pakistanis will happily spend on a hotel but skimp out on travel insurance. Why? Beats us. So you’re booked at a swanky hotel, and you happily paid for it, but you fall ill and have to pay for a medical bill and all of a sudden you start sweating the expense. Buy a Travel Insurance Policy! We have found that Pakistani’s tend to only buy travel insurance cover when it is mandatory for visa requirements as it is for Schengen states – why do we tend to fall in line when it is imposed on us. Buying a travel insurance cover is a good idea anyway irrespective of where you are traveling to. Medical costs abroad are expensive, don’t cut corners for low medical covers with cheaper premiums (compare travel insurance offers)

Buying a policy isn’t very difficult nor expensive. If you planned for a vacation and put together money for it you should always include the cost of a travel insurance policy in your budget. Also if you have decided to buy travel insurance don’t depend on your travel agent for it. The likelihood is they will only sell you a substandard policy because they possibly can’t have access to all the providers. You can easily see all the features of a particular policy over another, and then make a purchasing decision. Travel insurance has some essential covers which you should never compromise on – like medical expenses, personal accident or death, trip cancellation, stay over in case of flight delays, emergency evacuation, and compensation on loss of luggage.

Bear in mind medical bills abroad don’t come cheap. In the event of a serious medical situation you don’t want to be stuck in a position where you can’t handle the cost. The leading insurance providers will have processes in place to handle the payment directly with the hospitals and medical facilities. Always be cautious in who you buy an insurance policy from. This is you and your family’s health we are talking about. Buying travel insurance will save you in the time of need.

Lastly don’t forget your manners, and respect the culture and community you are visiting. Enjoy your trip, make memories, and forget the grind you are taking a break from.

Stay tuned for more reads that can help with money saving tips, tricks, and advice.

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