5 Ways To Get Cheapest Car Insurance Possible

5 Ways To Get Cheapest Car Insurance Possible
May 8, 2018 K Compare
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5 Ways To Get Cheapest Car Insurance Possible

We all like a little extra stash of money in our wallet but it is quite challenging when you have a car or multiple cars which needs to be insured. But one thing is we know for sure is that the outcomes for not having a car insurance are never worth the risk especially in Pakistan where traffic load is increasing day by day, poor road conditions and ‘not so good’ driving habits with a little sense of traffic rules results in accidents on daily basis. Therefore, covering your car with a decent insurance policy is essential but, with a wide variety of eye glazing policy options in market, it is difficult to figure out the best yet cheapest car insurance.

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In this blog we will reveal 5 ways to get cheapest car insurance possible for you, cheap not in terms of quality but easy on your pocket.

  1. Shop Around For The Right Quote:

You will be surprised after reading this, our top tip to get a cheap car insurance is to shop around, compare quotes, consider the odds, and then make the right choice. You can save thousands of rupees if you shop around to find a new cover for your vehicle. Premium rates and policies vary between insurance companies. The best idea which is easier, quick and time efficient is to use an online website for comparing quotes and policies and then buy the best deal for your car and your pocket.

Try https://www.karlocompare.com.pk/car-insurance to find the cheapest car insurance for you. Whether it is day or night, you can choose from a wide variety of products offered by Pakistan’s leading insurance companies.

  1. Consider The Right Coverage:

If your car is old and has a low market value then considering 3T(Total loss policy, Theft policy and Third party policy) cover may be the right choice for you to save some money rather than shelling out on comprehensive cover. Be smart, first find out the value of your car then weight the value against the premium you will pay for the cover then determine it is worth it or not.

  1. Look Out For Discounts:

To maximize your savings check out for all the possible discounts provided by insurance companies for customers who:

  • Have a clean driving history.
  • Pay for their insurance annually with one lump sum.
  • Insure multiple cars.
  • Group together car insurance with other insurance policies for example home insurance and buy from the same insurance company.
  1. Boost Your Excess:

Don’t forget to check your voluntary excess carefully which is attached in your policy. This is the amount you pay yourself when you make a claim. Agreeing to pay more voluntary excess in your policy can bring down the price of your insurance policy, so work out with how much you can afford to pay towards the costs in case of an accident and then declare your excess accordingly.

  1. Provide Your Vehicle Security:

By making your vehicle more secure, it can attract a discount in your premium. Insurance providers like cars which are parked in garages or on a driveway instead of parking in the streets. Aside from the benefit of not having your car vandalized or stolen, this can cut your premium. So make a move and clear out your garage if it is full of junk!! Also fitting alarms, tracking devices or steering locks in your vehicles can dramatically reduce your premium.

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