A Step by Step Guide to Obtaining Health Insurance in Pakistan

A Step by Step Guide to Obtaining Health Insurance in Pakistan
November 27, 2017 K Compare
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What is health insurance and how can it ease your difficulties? Health insurance pays a certain amount of money to cover your medical treatments and expenses. It is an assurance that even if you don’t have that certain amount it will be covered by your insurance provider. People in Pakistan are mostly earning enough for their keep, but that might not cover these unwanted and surprising expenses. With health insurance, you can pay specific amounts of money each year as premium and you are then covered at the time of accidents, operation or any medical need.

There are various benefits that you can obtain from health insurance. Especially when health and medical services are so costly in the country and no subsidy is available for the general public unless you work for the armed forces or the government. Again, if you are married with kids, minimizing your medical expenditure can help you provide a better lifestyle for your family. When you obtain health insurance you can be treated at any hospital that is under the panel of the health insurance provider you have opted for. One of the most appealing benefits that you can avail is a cashless claim. This allows you to receive medical treatment without submitting a claim afterwards, after obtaining treatment, and paying from your own pocket. This way, the hospital takes care of the claim itself while you don’t have to pay for the procedure.

We have talked about what insurance is and what are its benefits but here, we present to you the step by step guide on how you can obtain your health insurance:

Step 1

First of all, you will have to see whether you qualify for a health insurance policy. This is based on what your monthly salary is and how much premium you can easily pay without disturbing other expenditures, but remember lower premium will not promise high quality service so make sure you compare! This also means you have to undergo some medical tests and evaluations to see if you are prone to any medical conditions. If you have any specific medical conditions like diabetes or heart conditions, your premium may be higher. Other personal statistics make an impact too like age and gender.

Step 2

Now explore different options for coverage. What package is suitable for you; there are many insurance companies that you should look at i.e. Jubilee Insurance, IGI Insurance, Adamjee Insurance, EFU Insurance and others. Coverage can include full coverage, maternity, out-patient facilities, and more, therefore, it is important that you choose the right services and packages that make up for your insurance plan. Don’t forget to calculate how much subsidy you will get and what will be covered by your insurance provider and compare different policies from different insurance providers.

Step 3

When you are done with your research and are ready to buy the insurance plan, you will have to organize your documents such as your monthly pay slip, CNIC copy, Tax certificate if needed, medical tests and history, etc. If you have chosen a specific insurance provider, they may give you a list of medical tests to undergo at specific medical institutions, and the tests will be analyzed by the insurance provider’s specified doctor. Once the results are analyzed the insurance provider will let you know the next steps.

Step 4

Fill in the forms that will be handed over by the insurance provider and complete all the documentation. Wait for your procedure to be completed and be tension free from any unforeseen medical circumstances or accidents expenses. Usually at this step, the insurance provider will call you and ask for a payment for the premium as well. They also assign an account manager to you, who are able to answer your questions and stays in touch with you regarding the premium and the expiry of your policy as well.

You can always use our comparison tool to evaluate different health insurance plans and see which one suits you the best.

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