Apply for Best Credit Cards for Travel in Pakistan

Apply for Best Credit Cards for Travel in Pakistan
October 18, 2018 K Compare

Apply for Best Credit Cards for Travel in Pakistan

 Gone are the days when people use to carry loads of cash when traveling in Pakistan. There were several reasons to carry large amount of cash either going for a family vacation or business trip. First, there were very few people who had credit cards, secondly, credit card acceptability at merchant outlets was very limited, that too at large cosmopolitan cities only.

The most common credit cards in Pakistan are MasterCard and Visa. Although both the cards are accepted widely throughout the country but Visa has much better penetration. This is because of first movers’ advantage and slightly toned-down KYC policy. Perhaps this is why Visa credit cards have a huge network of merchants, gas stations and ATMs even in relatively small cities and towns.

It is observed that many applicants get overwhelmed with the idea of owning a credit card. Making a smart choice is at times gets washed away with the excitement. This of course is not the right approach. Even generally a person should only get things that suits his needs, bring convenience and goes with the lifestyle. Hence, this is also true when a person decides to get a credit card. All pros and cons should be assessed beforehand and only after that new credit card application should be submitted to a bank.

People who travel quite frequently should opt for cards that support them in their travels in many ways. Some of the things that should be considered before applying for people who travel frequently are highlighted in the following paragraphs:

  1. It is advised to apply to those banks for credit card which have a large branch network in case any assistance is needed in an emergency when out of town. Applying a card to a foreign bank is advisable when a person also travels abroad quite often. Otherwise, foreign banks have limited branches and may not be accessible in smaller cities and towns, or may have couple of branches spread out


  1. The foremost task a person does to travel is buy airline tickets. Therefore, one must look for a credit card that offer discounts and assist online bookings. Many banks offer additional incentives to car holders such as Reward Points. These points can later be redeemed at hundreds of thousands of outlets throughout Pakistan


  1. Similarly, look out additional for features such as access to CIP, VIP and business lounges at airports across Pakistan. Refreshments and food are either free or at discounted prices for cardholders. Now this is a big plus point you not only save a lot of money but enjoy a preferential status in a relaxed atmosphere


  1. Shopping is part and parcel of our culture. People love binging gifts and souvenirs for their families and loved ones when returning home. Discounts and reward points for shopping is another perk that must be considered while applying for a new card. The extent of discount may however vary depending on the card grade; silver, gold or platinum.


  1. If a person prefers to travel by road, or lives in Punjab and drives to various cities for business or leisure a card that complements fuel purchase can be a huge advantage. This complement can be in many ways such as acceptability at petrol pumps on highways, discounts on lubricants and reward point on each purchase. This may sound a little but its not only a tremendous convenience but less burden on the wallet

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