Apply For Your First Credit Card

Apply For Your First Credit Card
May 4, 2016 K Compare
Start building your credit history early - apply for your first credit card credit card - First Credit Card - Apply For Your First Credit Card

Start building your credit history early – apply for your first credit card

So you have finally been able to cross the one year mark as an independent adult. You managed to graduate on time, get hired by the company of your dreams (hopefully) and now are well on your way to building a rewarding career. As your first steps to being a partially independent adult, it is important to start taking steps towards building some credit history.

Apply For Credit Card

Building credit history and learning to use it wisely when you are younger can make your transition to adulthood a lot easier. A positive credit history is more important than just being able to use credit to buy the fancy new gadgets you have always wanted, or taking that vacation you have been planning. Your credit history will be checked or considered by potential employers (if you are looking for a job in financial services). It will play a part in getting an approval for your first car loan or home loan (though getting a home loan comes a lot later for us Pakistanis). As you can see it is important to start building a credit history.

Though you can start building a credit history at later stages in life, it is always recommended that you start early. At later stages, it will become more challenging. A good way to start building history is through a credit card. Once you are in the credit system and are good with your payments, obtaining further credit for the important things in life like an auto loan or mortgage will be easier. However, bear in mind that the credit limits you are assigned will be positively related to your income levels and other criteria that banks look at before giving you additional credit.

If you are looking to build your credit history and are in the market for your first credit card, the below information will be of use. Being approved is just the first part of building a credit history. After being approved you must abide by the bank’s policies, clear your bills on time and make sure to never ever default on what you have borrowed.

Take a look at the credit cards that are ideal for first time applicants.  We have shortlisted these cards for people who are in the market looking for a credit card for the first time

Creditcards_for_1st_time_applicants credit card - 1st Credit Card 1024x808 - Apply For Your First Credit Card


Apply For Credit Card



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