Askari World MasterCard Credit Card

Askari World MasterCard Credit Card
October 4, 2017 Mrs. K Compare

Askari bank has always introduced promising services to its clients. In 2014, the launch of Pakistan’s first MasterCard credit card, brought about greater benefits and luxuries for its users. With World MasterCard Credit Card, Askari Bank has unlocked a wide range of offers and discounts, enhancing lifestyles for its consumers.

Askari Bank World MasterCard Credit Card has been particularly launched for high end users like CEOs, Corporate Executives, etc. It basically targets high profile customers, thus making it unique among other credit cards. It has all the elements to upgrade your lifestyle. You can avail superb extraordinary benefits and rewards with innumerable offers and deals:

Benefits and Rewards with Askari World MasterCard Credit Card

World MasterCard by Askari Bank provides an exceptional experience to its customers with high end value added services. One of these outstanding services includes travel benefits which would help you explore the world. With Lounge Key Access, you can explore and enjoy your access to 500 VIP lounges in up to 300 international airports.

Irrespective of which class or airline you are travelling with, all you need to carry is your AKBL World MasterCard Credit Card and experience all the luxuries of the warm and comfortable airport lounges. AKBL World MasterCard Credit cardholders are also welcomed with drinks and refreshments and many more facilities.

You can also enjoy all-season amazing discounts worldwide at all the leading stores and establishments across the world. The users of Askari Bank World MasterCard are provided with special arrangements and offers no matter where they swipe their card. Askari Bank defines its World MasterCard Credit Card as ‘Extravagance Redefined’, with all the benefits and rewards associated with this card.

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Who can become an AKBL World MasterCard Credit Cardholder?

Askari Bank has three segments for its World MasterCard Credit Card, salaried individuals, self-employed professionals or businesses and armed forces. Salaried individuals must earn an annual income of PKR 0.5 million, self-employed professionals should earn PKR 2 million, whereas for the third segment, ranks of Major General & above ranks can apply for Askari Bank WorldCard Master Credit Card. Additionally, anyone who meets the above criteria must fall in to the age bracket of 21 to 70 years.

Also, an applicant must have a valid ID card, NICOP or valid passport. Alongside that, the bank requires the latest salary slip, six months personal bank statement as well as business proof document.

In addition, to avail the exciting features of AKBL World MasterCard Credit Card, members are charged an annual membership fee of PKR 9,280. However, if you spend up to PKR 50,000 within the first two months of issuance, you are entitled to a fee waiver as well.

Askari Bank World MasterCard Credit Card offers its customers, balance transfer rate (BTR) at 2% per month and a monthly markup of 3.20%

Get your Reward Points Cashed!

With your AKBL World MasterCard Credit Card you can avail 1 reward point on every PKR 50 spent locally or internationally on grocery, fuel, apparel, meals and much more. Each reward point is equivalent to 17 paisa. You can then enjoy the points by redeeming them at any outlet of your choice to get fabulous discounts and deals. The redemption guide could further elaborate on how you can redeem your reward points by following few simple steps. If you are using Askari’s World Mastercard Credit card, you can avail tons of discounts at various eateries and shops from Karachi up to Azad Kashmir.

You should now be in a good position to decide which credit card best meets your requirements. To further back up your choice you may go through our comparison monitor as well!

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