Avoid Unexpected Bills While You are on Your Travels! Buy a Travel Insurance Policy

Avoid Unexpected Bills While You are on Your Travels! Buy a Travel Insurance Policy
May 28, 2016 K Compare

Travel-Insurance travel insurance - Travel Insurance - Avoid Unexpected Bills While You are on Your Travels! Buy a Travel Insurance Policy

A lot of Pakistani consumers tend to avoid buying travel insurance to destinations where it isn’t mandatory to do so. I guess the rationale behind that is that people think that they are healthy and they won’t really need the insurance while they are on their trip.

What people don’t know is that travel insurance gives you protection beyond emergency medical coverage. Having travel cover protects you from missing your flight, or losing your personal belongings by virtue of theft or negligence. Travel insurance is basically an all purpose coverage that protects you from a diverse range of risks that you are exposed to while you are on your travels, and it really doesn’t cost that much.

My wife and son were vacationing in the United States. Not too long into the vacation my son had an allergic reaction that landed him in the emergency room. The entire incident ended up costing us USD $750. Since we didn’t have any travel coverage it was an unexpected expense that had to be incurred, an expense that we could have protected ourselves from. Ever since this experience, we haven’t left town without a travel cover.

Travel Insurance has more than proved its worth for us whenever we travel. It’s one of those things you will be thankful for when you need it but, hope that you never have to use it.

My take away from this experience was plain and simple, don’t be a miser when it comes to protection and health!

Since summer is approaching fast and the chances are you or your family will be travelling – make sure you’re not being penny wise and pound foolish.

Here are the main things to look out for when you are in the market for a travel insurance plan. (Please don’t go for the most basic plan available, cough up some cash and get yourself protected!)

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What to Look for in an Insurance cover

There are quite a few options at various price points to meet your preferences, you can also find Islamic variants of travel covers. However, what are the things that are most important in a cover? First and foremost you have to determine whether the policy you are buying is approved for the particular region you are travelling to. Most insurance companies will offer you policies across three broad categories known as; USA/Canada/Australia, Schengen Compliant and Rest of the World.

Hospitalisation & Medical Expenses

Once you have determined which policy is most applicable to your itinerary you will have to identify what sort of cover you require. Since medical treatment in foreign countries can run up massive bills, I seriously recommend you opt for a plan that offers a high Medical and Hospitalisation coverage that is over and above USD $30,000. High coverage limits are really important, don’t be too frugal to save a few rupees, it really does pay off should you ever need to rely on it. Trust me you will want to make sure you have a high coverage so you are well protected in case of a massive medical bill.

Emergency Dental Care:

This is another coverage that can be useful. This will ensure you are covered should anything happen to your beautiful smile. Please do bear in mind that the insurer will only cover your dental in the event of an emergency, cosmetic enhancements that you decide to get done aren’t  covered.

Personal Accident and Death

As morbid as this sounds, this is important. The policy should have some form of cover that protects you and your family members accompanying you from loss of life attributing from an accident or natural cause.

Other than the above main covers, travel insurance covers you from instances such as losing your checked in baggage, delayed departure, trip cancellation and lastly compensation for delay in arrival of luggage

The good news is that you now know about the importance of travel insurance, and the better news is that you don’t have to run around to get one. You can find the best plans all in one place by visiting our travel insurance comparison

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