Bank Accounts That Work Best During Vacations

Bank Accounts That Work Best During Vacations
August 2, 2017 K Compare
Banks accounts that work best during vacations-Karlocompare

It is interesting to see how such a small, eight-lettered word known as ‘vacation’ can mean so much to us. It reminds us of a beautiful escape from our monotonous lives; the chance to finally take some time off and pamper oneself.

However, a perfectly relaxed vacation can turn into the eight-lettered word ‘disaster,’ all because the bank one puts their most trust into lets them down when it is most needed.

Here are some of the most reliable, efficient banks to help keep one relaxed during their vacation. You can always trust these banks to provide you with the best quality service, discounts and offers that help you during your vacation:

  1. Standard Chartered Bank

If travelling internationally is one’s cup of tea, having an account in Standard Chartered Bank will bring in some serious benefits! One of the most respected banks known in Pakistan which has its reach far and wide. About 250 international branches ranging from China to Jersey and UAE, making it ten times easier to access the services of the bank wherever you go! Not only that, it allows the individual to access their funds globally, along with their online banking services through the mobile app or on the internet.

Standard Bank has also introduced “Priority Banking” which includes a number of services offered that can be pretty beneficial to individuals who are travelling. Moreover, it offers the special travel-friendly Saadiq WorldMiles Credit Card which allows one to earn AirMiles when they spend using this card. The greater the miles, the greater the possibility of bagging free airline tickets for another vacation! This offer also includes innumerable discounts in Pakistan and abroad.

There are tons of other credit card options to choose from as well based on your specific traveling need.

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  1. Meezan Bank

If travelling within Pakistan is your dream vacation the Meezan Bank may be just the one for you. Probably one of the fastest-growing banks all over the nation, it has 571 branches all over in 140 countries! Almost anywhere in the country can these branches be found. Creating an account in this bank can allow you to have various advantages such as free cash withdrawal, online transfer and internet banking anywhere and everywhere on the go! This means that while travelling if one runs out of cash, they can easily withdraw more at their convenience. In case of any assistance, look around you and find a Meezan Branch available nearby, ready to be at your service.

  1. Faysal Bank

Financial matters are made easy on one’s vacation with the help of Faysal Bank and its innumerable branches located nationwide. With 228 Conventional Branches as well as 45 Conventional Saturday Branches created to serve customers at any time of the week, saving one from the utter frustration of not having their bank open on weekends when on vacation. Avail their online banking services which are known to impress customers because of its user-friendly features and efficiency.

However, if one prefers to travel out of country then Faysal Bank has the AirBlue Classic Card for all individuals who can travel and earn AirMiles as well as exclusive discounts from retail outlets and restaurants! The possibilities are endless!

Not only that but they have Foreign Currency Accounts to ease the process of transactions regarding foreign currencies when on vacation abroad.

  1. JS Bank

Although relatively unknown to many people, JS Bank provides few but important services that can aid travelers during their vacation. It has a number of branches located in main cities of Pakistan and even in Bahrain, another vacation location. Not only that but JS Bank provides “Foreign Exchange Sales” service which allows its members to compare the best prices for many currencies. So when on vacation, take advantage of this service to see where to go next according to the rates that suit you best.

  1. Askari Bank

Askari Bank has launched an Askari World MasterCard Credit Card in which all its cardholders get to enjoy benefits from travelling anywhere on the globe including special discounts internationally and access to a number of VIP lounges and much more! Indulge in a luxurious vacation with the help of Askari Bank and its MasterCard offer and never look back.

In conclusion, there may be limited banks that offer a wide range of benefits for individuals but those banks are worth investing time in. All these advantages serve as the icing to make the vacation cake taste even better!

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