Bank Alfalah Credit Cards Review

Bank Alfalah Credit Cards Review
August 25, 2017 K Compare
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The chip based credit cards at Bank Alfalah provide very good opportunities to their customers in the shape of lifestyle privileges and financial freedom. People can certainly enjoy life on their terms if they use one.

Bank Alfalah’s credit cards are equipped with the enhanced security features that are very useful for customers. The customers are protected from any kind of fraud. The dynamic values are generated with the help of this chip feature when every transaction is conducted. The security aspect is further enhanced for the customers in this way and experiences no problem at all while they swipe their credit cards. All the existing Bank Alfalah’s credit cards would be soon upgraded to a chip-based credit card.

In fact, the customer will have an option to select the card which is best suited according to their lifestyle. Bank Alfalah will surely invite everyone to become a part of the largest credit card family in the entire country and also experience unparalleled service along with amazing discounts. These benefits will be applicable for the customer when they would travel, shop or dine out.

Types of Bank Alfalah Credit Cards

These are the types of Credit Cards that are being offered to the customers: –

  • Alfalah Ultra Cashback Card

Bank Alfalah would surely like to invite their customers to become a part of Alfalah’s Ultra Cashback Card family. The Ultra Card has a strong correlation with Bank Alfalah’s innovation to change the lifestyle of any person, making it easier for them to spend life in their own way. The customers can easily avail a 7% Cashback after selecting two of the six spend categories. They will be able to receive an amount of PKR 18,000 a year in cashback. The six categories where customers can easily spend their money are Supermarket, Clothing, Fuel, Hotel, Airline and Hospital. The Ultra Card facility also provides another convenient option to the customers to change their spend categories based on their needs every month. There is a lot of flexibility available for the customers while availing the option of Ultra Cashback Card. Secondly, there are several benefits the customer can avail while using this card mentioned below: –

  1. Balance Transfer Facility
  2. Cash Withdrawal Facility
  3. Revolving Credit Facility
  4. Zero Loss Liability
  5. SMS Alerts
  6. And much more
  • Alfalah Credit Advance

The following link includes all the information related to Alfalah Credit Advance which is surely another major benefit for the customer.

  • Dine-n-Discount

Bank Alfalah strongly claims to make it possible for people to enjoy their life and every effort are made in order to fulfill the promise. Alfalah Credit Cards certainly opens the world of amazing discounts for people planning to dine out. Below are the details:-

  1. Ongoing discounts on Classic/Gold Card
  2. Ongoing discounts on Titanium Card
  3. Ongoing discounts on Platinum Card
  • Alfalah Platinum VISA Credit Card

The world of Alfalah is full of wonders. Any customer after becoming an Alfalah Platinum Credit Card member, he or she can easily enjoy tremendous amount of privileges and exceptional level of services consisting of both unmatched rewards and benefits. Some of them includes are: –

  1. Global Reach and Acceptability
  2. Exclusive range of Discounts
  3. Free access to CIP Lounge
  4. E-Statement Facility
  5. SMS Alerts
  6. And much more
  • Alfalah Titanium Master Card

Any customer becoming a member of Bank Alfalah Titanium MasterCard, they can surely enjoy numerous amounts of benefits and privileges as well. Some of them includes are: –

  1. Priority Pass
  2. Fabulous Rewards
  3. Credit Advance
  4. Free Travel Accident Insurance
  5. Bill Payment Facility
  6. And much more
  • Alfalah Visa Gold and Classic Credit Cards

The customer becoming a part of the Alfalah Visa Gold and Classic Credit Cards will become liable for the following benefits: –

  1. Exciting number of discounts
  2. SBS Installment Plans
  • Supplementary Cards
  1. 24 Hour Customer Service
  2. Revolving Credit
  3. And much more

In the end, it can be said that the customer should not wait for a single second to apply for Bank Alfalah Credit Cards. The reason is simply because of the wide range of benefits that any customer will experience after applying for Bank Alfalah Credit Cards.

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