Best Bank Accounts That Support Shopping While Travelling

Best Bank Accounts That Support Shopping While Travelling
October 25, 2018 K Compare

Best Bank Accounts That Support Shopping While Travelling

Modern day banking does not only mean where you park your savings, take out or deposit money. A good bank is your partner in need. Banks offer plethora of services to its customers; issuance of debit cards, home or auto loans, cash advances and much much more. Information is the key to maintain and make best use of your bank account. People usually take bank and its regulations for granted. A smart man will find out smallest of detail of his account; its limitations and flexibility. The more you know the better you can utilize your bank account. This is particularly important if a person travels a great deal for business or leisure to international or domestic locations.

Few years back when people use to travel they had to carry enormous cash to pay hotel, transportation and shopping. The other option was to carry fat credit cards, the fact however remains that expenses made on these credit cards did not come cheap. This problem is now solved. Banks have started issuing Debit Cards supported by Visa or Master Cards to their account holders. These plastic cards can be used where ever and whenever needed to hundreds of thousands of outlets worldwide.

Presently, almost all banks issue debit cards to their account holders, since the money comes out of the account there is no extra charge as in case of a credit card. However, any transaction made off shore will be charged on exchange rates viz a viz US Dollar. The offshore facility however needs to be activated and you have to inform the bank before embarking on any travel.

If there is a need of cash the account holder can withdraw it from any ATM across Pakistan. The limit of cash withdrawal largely depends on the nature of Debit Card and the health of bank account. An account holder should keep in mind that taking cash out while traveling outside Pakistan is also subject to exchange rates as in the case of swapping card while shopping or making a payment to hotel.

Banks have negotiated many discounts and deals with merchant agents for their account holders having Debit Cards. Detailed catalog are available at the branches and mailed time to time to account holders. Before traveling it is worthy to take such a catalog with you to avail fabulous discounts at shops and restaurants.

To keep a tap on how much an account holder has spent while traveling it is advisable to make sure that you have activated internet banking so that your bank account can be accessed remotely. Internet banking otherwise is also a great tool to manage your savings or expenses.

It is also suggested to have an account in a bank that has a wide network of branches. Pakistani banks in this regard have an edge over international banks. Local banks have huge network of branches across the country and your account can be accessed on-line by visiting any branch in case of any emergency.

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