Best Cashback Credit Card In Pakistan

Best Cashback Credit Card In Pakistan
July 30, 2018 K Compare

Best Cashback Credit Card In Pakistan

Your life revolves around your finances therefore it is important that you are getting most out of it as much as possible. That is where credit cards take entry as they are designed in such a way so that great rewards and benefits can be yielded from them by their consumers. You will be surprised to learn that in market an amazing type of credit card exists through which you can earn cash back for everything you buy. Cash back credits in Pakistan are like a dream come true, you can get a certain percentage of cash back for every purchase you make with that card.

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This post will help you explore and give you insight into the world of credit cards in Pakistan that provides cashback benefits. Here are some of our favorite cashback credit cards in Pakistan available in the market catering your desires and needs.


This revolutionary card has one of the best rewards rates offered by credit cards in Pakistan with an annual fee of PKR 5000. If you spend a lot on fuel, supermarket, and electronic items which most people do, then you can easily save and gain cash every time you do transaction with this credit card. This credit card in Pakistan offers 5% cashback on up to PKR 10,000 of fuel transactions and supermarket shopping and  save up to PKR 6000 annually. Furthermore it offers 3% cashback on electronic outlets with an upper monthly cap of PKR 1000 per card.


This credit card in Pakistan offers up to 5% cashback on fuel, supermarket purchases, and electronic outlet categories, on up to PKR 10,000 in spending per month. With an annual fee of PKR 3000 this credit card does well as it also allows you to withdraw up to 30% as cash advance of your credit limit.


These two are unique credit cards in Pakistan offered by SCB which lets you earn substantial cash back. The Gold card with a basic annual fee of PKR 4000 and Platinum card with a basic annual fee of PKR 5000 has the potential to provide you with 5% cashback on fuel and grocery shopping and 3% cashback on electronics, earning up to PKR 1000 cash back per month.

With remarkable level of services provided by banks for the convenience of their customers, you can now apply for SCB credit cards online in Pakistan by simply clicking the link


With Silk cashback you can enjoy up to 0.5% cash back on your local and international spending. There is no annual fee for Silk Bank Gold and Platinum credit cards. Managing your expenses gets better and better by availing the facility of applying online for credit card in Pakistan. Click here to apply for this card online.


With this exclusive credit card in Pakistan with a twist in which you can avail 7% cashback in two categories you activate out of six categories which includes:

  1. Supermarket
  2. Clothing
  3. Fuel
  4. Hotel
  5. Airline
  6. Hospital

Hence, there is a good chance of earning up to PKR 18,000 bonus cash back in a year on spending you were going to do anyway. This card becomes more and more impressive with a 1st year annual fee waiver and given you the convenience to change the categories anytime you wish. If you desire to manage your expenses and gain unparalleled levels of rewards then apply online for this credit card in Pakistan free of cost.

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