Best Credit Cards for online shopping in Pakistan

Best Credit Cards for online shopping in Pakistan
November 1, 2017 Mrs. K Compare
Credit card for online shopping

The usage of credit cards has shown tremendous promise within Pakistan. People normally use it to shop online, book tickets, hotels etc. and over time, this usage has increased on local apps and websites as well.

People now make new bank accounts specifically to use the facilities of that bank’s credit card and its benefits based on circumstances and the card’s features that suit them best. The concept of the credit card was mainly to provide financial facilities to those who don’t have enough money in their accounts and do not have high salaries, so they use the bank’s money to a certain limit and then pay back later with some interest included. Also, it avoids the hassle of keeping paper money in your wallet all the time.

However, now the trend for online shopping has spread all over Pakistan. People carefully choose their banks considering factors like credit card’s security, benefits, discounts etc. we have a full roundup of all the top credit cards that we feel will work best for you in terms of online shopping, both locally as well as abroad. Don’t forget to use our comparison tool to shop for the best card that can work for you for online shopping!

Standard Chartered Bank:

Standard Chartered Bank offers the Visa Platinum card, MasterCard Titanium card and Visa Gold card. Apart from these this, the bank also offers Cash Back credit card and the easy credit card. The easy card has the lowest financial charge and global accessibility while the cashback card reduces monthly financial problems like hefty payments – because part of your credit card expenses can be availed in cashback.  Standard Chartered has introduced a Bonus Points Program which can be used to shop at Standard Chartered’s Bonus Points Shop Online Partners and earn Bonus Points which gives you further discounts. Tons of local online shops give you discounts on the SCB Cards and these cards are the easiest to use in terms of online shopping.

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Bank Alfalah:

Bank Alfalah offers a wide variety of credit cards that suit different purposes and circumstances. From their Platinum Card to Titanium to Gold, each has its own features and benefits. Their credit cards let you avail world best discounts at luxury hotels, purchases, cosmetics, and others spending. Bank Alfalah has also come up with a mobile app for their customers, called “Alfa” which allows you to check banking on daily basis, manage your savings, track your expenses and even pay your bills.

And then there is also another live saver “The Alfalah cash back card” which allows you to get a loan of up to 80% of the available credit limit on your card. Also, you can get 6 supplementary cards for your family members. The best part of Bank Alfalah’s credit cards is that your card is always kept secure. Online transactions require you to call their help center and have your card opened up for the transaction – which allows for better security in case of credit card or identity theft.

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Habib Bank Limited offers four types of credit cards i.e. fuel saver, green, gold and platinum. HBL offers some really tempting discounts at restaurants that most banks do not. HBL is widely used all over Pakistan giving Reward Points, which can be redeemed at more than 800 retail outlets features. Furthermore, the green and gold cards provide more or less the same benefits, while the platinum card offers everything at a grander level with larger limits, as well as money drawing power.

Some highlights of the HBL Credit Card include 75% discount on hotel room bookings, to a destination of your choice. HBL customers usually get discounts from up to 50%-80% on various online shopping websites like as well. If you are fond of ordering in, tons of eateries provide numerous discounts locally ranging from 10% to 25% depending on your choice of eatery as well as your card. You can use online food apps to order and avail such discounts. If you are booking your vacation deals online, do check out popular websites like and

Faysal Bank:

Faysal Bank, in partnership with MasterCard, has become the first ever commercial bank in Pakistan to introduce Mobit Virtual Card that allows you to make worldwide online purchases safely, with more control over spending.

You can view Faysal Bank’s discounts on lifestyle, travel, beauty and special offers to enjoy. If you are a traval-holic then this card is it for you as it offers amazing discounts on hotels and recreational activities that you can avail at, Gerry’s, Emaar, Gulf Air, Qatar Airways, Regent Plaza and others. You can avail 75% by simply clicking on Not just this but you can get 20% off on two rides of Careem by using you Faysal bank’s MasterCard.

If you are still debating which credit card to go with for online shopping, feel free to use our online comparison calculator to come with a choice that works for you. You can find details about fees, benefit and APRs on Karlcompare. So why wait? Apply for credit card now and make your life easier!

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