Best Credit Cards for Self Employed and Businessmen in Pakistan

Best Credit Cards for Self Employed and Businessmen in Pakistan
August 28, 2017 K Compare
Best Credit Cards for Self Employed Businessmen in Pakistan-Karlocompare

Being a part of the business world involves a whole lot of time, effort and-money. Whether anybody believes it or not, there are several ways to ease one’s financial transactions, payment of high markup rates and corporate burden in terms of loans and expenses.

All is possible with the help of a corporate credit card, you can apply for credit cards online as well! Yes, a small rectangular plastic card holds the key to making one’s business excel in ways never before, simply because it allows the businessman to escape from worrying about costs, payments and investments now that the bank has taken care of them.

Here is a list of some of the credit cards for self-employed/business men in Pakistan that we feel would help benefit you as well:

Standard Chartered Bank: 

Standard Chartered offers two credit cards in particular which may be helpful for business people and self-employed individuals in Pakistan. The first is Standard Chartered Corporate Card; a card specifically designed to aid businesses in their day-to-day routine. This card offers a wide range of advantages including lower mark up rates to ease transactions and discounted business-related trips and travels. The second one is Standard Chartered’s MasterCard Easy Card. This card offers self-employed individuals an easy path in running their financial transactions. It is a globally acceptable card which offers the lowest service fees and markup rates as well as not having a fee for any cash withdrawals. This card serves as a big support to small time businessmen and self-employed individuals.

Bank Al Falah: 

The chip based credit cards provided by Bank Al Falah provide great opportunities for the business owner. The newly designed chip based credit card provides enhanced security that protects customer from any kind of fraudulent activities. The chip is very useful in generating dynamic values for every transaction that has been conducted by the customer. All the existing customers having AlFalah Credit Card will have their card been upgraded to a chip-based credit card or will have an option to select the card which would be more suitable for their business needs.

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MCB Bank: 

MCB Bank has created the SME Card, a type of credit card especially for Small Medium Enterprises that include businesspeople and many self-employed professionals. Against the SME card, the SME is eligible to take loans up to PKR 5 mn with zero borrowing cost and collateral requirement. This makes banking and financial transactions a lot easier for an SME who could be strapped for funds due to longer cash conversion cycles.

Bank Al Habib Limited: 

This bank offers credit cards to businessmen and self-employed professionals in the most hassle-free way possible. Their website has some simple, key steps to help the small to large business  to sign up with Bank Al Habib. The special thing about having a credit card of this bank is its openness; the fact that it welcomes a number of young businesses, as young as 21 years of age, to be eligible to carry out their own transactions accordingly. Not only that, but it does not have rigid requirements or restricted access. For example, if you are a business person earning up to PKR 25,000, you can sign up for a corporate credit card with this bank. This makes it several times easier for young adults, who are trying to venture into the business world, to bank with an institution who is supporting small businesses.

Summit Bank: 

Summit Bank has a very beneficial Visa Debit Card that had been launched which can seriously help any businessmen or self-employed professional. It offers numerous advantages including free payment of utility bills, convenient funds transfer and easy cash withdrawal. Moreover, there is a fee waiver for the first year which makes it convenient and cheap for the new business owner.

There are tons of credit card options available in the banking industry at this point in time, each giving different benefits and advantages to SMEs. The best way to identify the right card for yourself is to find out your key business needs that a credit card can meet. You can then compare different credit cards to find out the one that best fits your needs.

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