Best Azaadi Discount Deals in Pakistan 2017

Best Azaadi Discount Deals in Pakistan 2017
August 11, 2017 K Compare
Best Azaadi Discount Deals in Pakistan 2017-Karlocompare

It’s that time of the year again.

Stepping outside onto the streets of the country that is on the verge of nearing its seventies, one looks around to find numerous, bright green flags flapping in the wind, hanging in someone’s gallery or on the windshield of numerous vehicles.

The 14th of August is perhaps one of the most eventful days in Pakistan’s history which is filled with passion, enthusiasm, zeal and a whole lot of green and white. People across all cities celebrate with full vigor, allowing themselves to escape from their daily hardships for a little while so that they may be able to revel in all of their country’s glory.

Along with that, 14th of August serves as a bearer of good news to all people because of the amount of fantastic deals and discounts offered by innumerable stores and businesses.

Here are the best deals and discounts for Azaadi Day!

Banks and Cards

  • SCB Personal Loan is being offered to the customers at a reduced mark-up rate from 14-16%. The offer of reduced markup is valid till 23rd September 2017.
  • United Bank Limited is here to save the day! Use any UBL card to avail a discount up to 50% on and 10% at Rochester Café.

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Jubilee General Insurance is providing an amazing offer to its customers in honor of the Independence Day celebrations in Pakistan. There is 14% off on all their insurance products till 31st August 2017. To review or even purchase these offers customers can log onto Karlocompare! Products currently available by Jubilee include:

  1. Travel Insurance
  2. Motor and Bike Insurance

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Clothes and Accessories

It never hurts to incorporate a little green and white in our daily wear, and for that there are a number of stores offering a wide range of discounts to help make shopping affordable as well as patriotic! Check them below:

  • If one is on the lookout for their favorite clothing stores offering a little bit of discount, Gul Ahmed, Cambridge, Bonanza and Nishat Linen are just the right ones for you, with discounts ranging from 25-30%!
  • However, if one is big on shopping and wants to have a large proportion of their money saved, check out HOBO by HUB who are offering up to 70% off! Not only that, Hang Ten is also offering a big discount of 50% on all their clothes, so hurry!
  • Alkaram Store also has an Azaadi Sale on their online stores which can help one to celebrate the day as well as save a good deal of money.

Restaurants, Cafes and Grills

How do Pakistanis celebrate almost every birthday occasion? By bonding over food at a number of restaurants and cafes with their friends or family! Here are the numerous deals beneficial for all food-lovers:

  • If one is in the mood for any kind of fast food and wants to enjoy the benefits of discounts, look no further! OPTP, Broadway Pizza, McDonalds and Hoagies all offer some delicious, new Azaadi deals ready to be bought. They have created Azaadi special deals, only available for the week and the month so you may want to check it out quickly before the day has passed!
  • However, if one is keen on a light snack or a sophisticated evening of fancy teas and fresh breads, there are some places available for you too! Bonsai Pan Asian Kitchen, Ginsoy and Grotto Café are offering special discounts on their menus so that Independence Day can be celebrated in style.
  • But if local food suits one’s taste buds better, then Kababjeees is offering a discount in celebration of 14th August just for you!

 Online Shopping

Shopping online may just save one from all the hassle of standing in line at various stores on Independence Day.  And the best part? They have an array of discounts and deals to make one’s shopping experience more affordable.

  •  is an online shopping website which allows consumers to purchase from a number of goods, offering discounts up to 70% in celebration of 14th August. So, start adding those items to the shopping
  •  also offers a 14th August sale on clothes and accessories which include discounts that make many items affordable and budget-friendly.
  • The popular also has an upcoming sale on their website of up to 80% off on all their goods!
  • also offers a similar sale on their goods and services which allow one to purchase a number of clothing items as well as accessories.

In conclusion, the number of deals and discounts available to help celebrate the 14th of August are plenty and there’s many more to come! So, go ahead, bask in all the green glory and enjoy yourself!

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