Careem and Uber: Transforming the Transportation Industry in Pakistan

Careem and Uber: Transforming the Transportation Industry in Pakistan
November 7, 2017 Mrs. K Compare
Careem and Uber

In Pakistan public transportation has been a cause of aggravation for a lot of people. Choices can range from cabs to rickshaws and buses, but they all lack the value, quality and often work as a source of frustration in us Pakistanis.

White cab is also one of the available services, but when it is available, it is expensive. Quality, now, also is not up to the mark. So how do we commute every day without frustration, high fares and unreliability? The answer is Careem and Uber.

Download these apps today in your smartphones and book your ride in seconds. These apps are user friendly and easily available on App Store and Play Store. Many people are already addicted to these apps due to the ease of booking and getting a ride without going through all the hassle of driving around the busy roads, especially in the larger cities like Karachi and Lahore.

So, what all do these apps have to offer? Let’s check it out.

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Careem and Its Offers

First let’s talk about Careem’s app and all that it has been offering the past months. One of the easiest options is the option to tip your captain through your credit card directly from the app instead of paying them cash. This feature makes it so easy to say thank you to your Careem captain. The app has already three predetermined tip amounts but you do have the option to choose your own amount. There are tons of credit cards that work on the app now, and each credit card has some discount percentages applicable on them as well.

Giving feedback is also very important for Careem. The app always asks you to rate your ride after it has ended. If you give three or less than three stars, you can give a personalized comment on the app. This way you can leave a comment, and in all cases, the customer care center gets back to you with answers to help resolve your problems.

Another new feature introduced recently is where you can call the captain anonymously through the app. That way, the captain does not see your number displayed on their phone. This is especially wonderful for women who are hesitant in giving away their number to a stranger. You can either SMS the captain, call them, or call them anonymously, making it quite easy to get in touch with the captain of the car you have booked.

The latest version of Careem’s has introduced another amazing feature. You can purchase a full month’s package for rides that you take every day. If you book a car for your office rides every day, the packages make it easier and cheaper to use the service altogether. The only problem is, you can either use your credit or your credit card to purchase a package. Cash purchases are not applicable.

The app undergoes changes almost every week. Fairly recently, Careem has also introduced a notifications tab on the app. All the discount codes, notifications, and more, land in that tab so you can easily book a ride and utilize the code, directly from the app. No more forgetting what that promo code was called!

Careem is always looking to provide better customer service as well as enhanced service. Recently, they introduced bikes as well as Tezz Rickshaw service. If you are looking to go as far as 4km, Tezz is the perfect best value service.

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Uber and Its Offers

Now let’s talk about Uber and its new features. Uber has in its app, the option to bookmark the places you visit frequently or have visited recently. So, the next time, you are booking a ride, all you need to do is choose one of the bookmarked locations as your pick up or drop off location.

Uber has added many new features that are drivers friendly including the type of preference of tip, more destination, for drivers and notification if someone wants to take a long trip.

Several new options keep popping up on the app on a routine basis. Moreover, Uber continues to partner with several organizations to help promote different events and provide discounts to its customers if they want to hitch a ride to that event.

Again, it is easy to pay for your ride, both through cash as well as through credit cards.

So, what are you waiting for? Download these apps and enjoy!

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