Common Exclusions of Travel Insurance

Common Exclusions of Travel Insurance
October 25, 2018 K Compare

Common Exclusions of Travel Insurance

Owing to increase in travel and the awareness for the benefits of travel insurance it is becoming fairly common for the travelers buy travel insurance from a reputed company. A comprehensive travel insurance plan covers many aspects and incidences that a traveler may face offshore. However, there are some limitations that may not be part of a travel insurance plan.

Having said this, a person also needs to note these exclusions can vary from one travel insurance company to another. Therefore, it is important that a person must understand his priorities and deeply study the exclusion clauses of the travel insurance plan. If a person suffers an ailment that is counted as pre-existing condition he must ensure that his ailment is comprehensively covered in his travel insurance plan.

Now let’s consider what are common exclusions in a standard travel insurance:

  • High risk sports and activities such as car racing, bungee jumping, scuba diving and free fall to name a few are usually not covered in travel insurance policies. Such enthusiasts are advised to speak to their travel insurance company for such clause. There is a possibility that the insurance company adds this in the cover and charge a premium on such clauses.


  • Traveling to war zones or high-risk areas against government advice is also not part of a standard travel insurance policy. Information on this must be sought from the insurance company before embarking on such a risky journey.


  • The travel insurance company will not accept any claim against unapproved medical condition/s. For travelers who suffer from a pre-existing condition, it is mandatory that such ailment is spelled out in the insurance policy before he leaves the country.


  • Although loss of baggage is covered in the travel insurance but insurance company is not liable to reimburse for any delay for less then 24 hours.


  • Any injury or a reckless behavior occurring because of excessive drinking or under influence of any contraband drug is not covered in a standard insurance policy.


  • Attempted suicide or any bodily harm inflicted because of depression or nervous breakdown is not covered by the insurance policy.


  • Any claim in the ambit of travel insurance must be made within the specified period. Otherwise insurance company has the right to reject any claim which is filed way after the incidence. Insurance companies may have a different grace period for filing a claim depending on their nature. For this you need to find out from your particular travel insurance company.


  • If a person buys travel insurance for Africa and due to sudden change in plan goes to Europe or America travel insurance company may not settle any claim if there is any. Hence, it is necessary that any change in the travel itinerary must be informed to the insurance company beforehand.


  • Any precious commodity not disclosed in the policy if either lost or confiscated by the customs authority cannot be claimed with the insurance company. Similarly, any contraband item carried and confiscated by the customs does not fall in the insurance plan. Likewise any lawsuit arising thereof is not in the ambit of travel insurance plan.

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