Common Misconceptions About Health Insurance

Common Misconceptions About Health Insurance
December 22, 2017 Mrs. K Compare

The misconceptions regarding health insurance

One of the most bought insurance product is health insurance. The topic of a health insurance policy can be both very complex and on the other hand quite simple as well. Simply put, you have to pay a certain amount of premium to get yourself covered by the insurance policy. However, it is a lot more than just paying a premium as there are some underlying factors that you should always consider. Among other things, a lot of misconceptions exist towards health insurance. We shall take a few and prove them wrong to you:

I can only claim insurance if I am hospitalized

The biggest of them all is that I will only be able to claim if I have a major disease or if I have to undergo a surgery or hospitalization which is not true. Procedures like cataract or any dental related operations where there is no need for the patient to be hospitalized beforehand, even such procedures can be covered by your health insurance. Sometimes, even outpatient services and medication, tests that lead towards hospitalization and general checkups may be covered as well. It depends on the policy itself, and if you read through it, the terms will clarify all the areas that are covered in your insurance policy.

Maternity-related expenses will not be covered

Another misconception that most policy buyers have is that maternity

for themselves or their spouse will not be covered. This again depends on the policy itself. If the policy states maternity expenses will be covered, then evaluate in detail the extent of coverage, including room, hospitalization, post operation expenses, and medications.

Buying policy online is risky

A lot of individuals still have a view that buying health insurance online will be a hassle and can be risky at the same time. This is simply not true. There is no hidden hassle or cost when buying an insurance plan online. You can avoid a lot of paperwork by completing your application online. Also, there is a wide choice of ways by which you can pay online and enjoy your policy.

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Only the member who is paying the premium will be covered

This is another misconception amongst policy seekers that only the person who is earning and paying the premium will be covered in the family. However, there are many policies that allow the entire family to be covered from parents to spouse and children as well. This depends on the type of policy you purchase. Such group policies are available as well.

Medicines and injections are not covered

Many individuals have a belief that only a doctor’s appointment or surgery-related procedures are covered, and that medicines and injections are not covered by the health insurance provider which is not true. You need to speak to the agent before buying the policy as many policies do cover the cost of these expensive injections and medicines.

Major health conditions are not covered

This again is not true. Again, it depends on the policy that you have. Yes, your insurance provider may throw a wrench by declining your claims, but always confirm from your insurance provider in writing before you buy the policy, as to what medical conditions may be excluded from the policy, so that you are amply covered.

The best way to clear all your misconceptions is to talk to your insurance plan provider who will be your best guide in clearing out your confusions. You can always use our comparison tool online to find the best health insurance plans that suit your need.

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