Creative Ways to Save Money

Creative Ways to Save Money
February 23, 2018 K Compare
Creative ways to save money

Creative Ways to Save Money

When it comes to money, spending it is easy and earning it is much harder! So saving can be a really daunting task. There are so many things you must plan for when attempting to save up money, this is because a lot of these things can be unexpected, like gas prices going up or breaking a household object that now needs replacement. But no need to worry, for today we are here to give you a few creative ways to save money!

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

So this may seem like us just giving you good life advice but think of it this way, the less you get sick, the less you’ll have to go to the hospital or spend money on medical expenses! The healthier you are, the fewer medical expenses you have and the more you can save!

Do it yourself!

A lot of DIY things are not only cheaper, but can also be safer than what you would usually purchase from a store. Off-the-shelf glass cleaners are often toxic and may be harmful to your health but you can make your own glass cleaner that is non-toxic, cheaper and simple.

Coupons and Discounts go a long way

No I don’t mean you have to go flipping through newspapers and magazines, clipping out coupons left and right. Use websites like Bogo and Vouch365 to their full extent and avail discounts a company may offer for food, gym memberships, outings and so on! This will help you save up and not compromise on the fun!

Conserve and Save!

Energy saver appliances may cost a bit extra, but in the long run they’re worth it! They use less energy and thus cost you less in the long run. Also, turning off the lights and fans in each room before you leave can save you a few rupees and although it doesn’t seem like much but as time goes on and you save those few rupees, they’ll add up to a lot more.

Ditch TV altogether!

Television has been the staple of homes for a long time but perhaps it is time that changed. TVs play ads 24/7 that are designed to goad you into buying things you don’t really need and now we have streaming services which we can watch all our favourite shows on for a fraction of the price you pay for cable. Plus, since there are no ads you aren’t convinced into buying useless items, the age of television entertainment has passed!

Sharing is Caring

If you’re trying to save money collaborate with your friends, have a potluck if you all want to hang out, swap books and movies instead of buying new ones. Another one that’s popular these days in sharing the same account for a streaming service and splitting the bill. These will not only help all of you save money but also potlucks are healthy and challenge your cooking skills, become a chef in your own house and get your skills praised!

Finally, every once in a while, splurge!

Although this may seem counter-intuitive since you’re trying to save up, but splurging every once in a while, allows the itch, to buy something, to be scratched. Getting something you don’t need will put that money spending impulse at ease and thus allow you to save more efficiently. Ofcourse, you cannot spend all the money you’ve saved up, just get something small to satisfy that basic ‘buying’ instinct.

Yes, there are many more ways to save up your money but if we were to list each and every way to save money we would be here all day! These are a few tips that we find to be the most helpful when it comes to saving money, so get your piggy bank ready!

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