Credit Cards That Work Best During the Wedding Season

Credit Cards That Work Best During the Wedding Season
August 7, 2017 Mrs. K Compare
Credit cards that work best during Shaadi Season-Karlocompare

There are two kinds of people that cry at weddings. The first person is probably an emotional mother, sister or aunt who can’t bear the thought of giving away their precious loved-one to another.

The second person is the one who’s secretly crying at the thought of how empty their bank account must be after all the extravagant purchases made for the wedding, and then attending and buying gifts, left, right and center.

However, since the invention of credit cards, life has become so much easier. But, it is essential that the right credit card must be chosen through which one can avail numerous benefits as well as be able to fund the expenses for ‘shaadi season.’

Here are a number of credit cards that are best for the wedding season. So, gear up and move ahead with confidence during this painstaking season!

  1. Alfalah Ultra Cashback Card

The concept of getting a certain proportion of one’s cash back when they spend using the Alfalah Ultra Cashback Card is simply marvelous! This unique card provides 7% cashback on purchasing a variety of goods including in supermarkets, airline and hotels. And the best part is, it also offers a separate category for clothes (which are a must have for the wedding season, as you already know!) so that one can fully enjoy purchasing glamorous, new outfits to get the feel of the beautiful weddings to come!

Pro Tip: If one is hosting a wedding, Alfalah has a convenient, no-hassle Personal Loan available to be taken in order to fund the numerous wedding occasions and purchases. It helps the host and their family to plan a gorgeous wedding without having to constantly worry about the money required or lack thereof.

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  1. Standard Chartered Mastercard

Standard Chartered’s reliable service and variety of offers are there to help one get through the extremely busy wedding season. Standard Chartered’s  MasterCard Cashback Card allows one to get a proportion of their cash back every time they use this card for purchasing fuel or goods at the supermarket. Think about it, save up on the innumerable trips back and forth to the jewelers, salon and clothes’ store through this card! Seems perfect for the wedding season!

Pro Tip: One of the best things offered by this bank is their unsecured, Personal Loan: a monetary loan which gives one time to repay it in a number of years, requires no collateral, and is known for its ease and quick processing. This is quite beneficial for those holding a wedding, especially if they require more money without the burden of having to repay it immediately. This saves a significant amount of time and relieves the bride’s/groom’s family from added stress and worry, allowing them to fully relish in the wedding events.

  1. United Bank Limited Premium Debit MasterCard

UBL’s MasterCard offers various discounts nationwide on a number of outlets but what makes it best for weddings is its focus on discounts for shops and businesses which include many designer clothing brands, high-end salons and even jewelry stores! Discounts on all wedding season essentials! These outlets include popular businesses such as The Sabs Salon and Arshad Jewellers.

  1. Faysal Bank PocketMate Visa Debit Card

Faysal Bank never disappoints with their PocketMate Card which allows one to switch from carrying large amounts of cash in their wallets when going to purchase wedding outfit or jewelry to just a simple, lightweight card that makes large purchases for them. Not only that, this card offers various discounts on designer clothing and jewelry stores, perfect for the wedding season as it rolls in!

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Another fantastic card offered by Faysal Bank is their Solitaire Platinum Card which like the previous card, has various discounts on popular jewelry stores and well-known clothing brands and restaurants for the dinners and get-togethers that follow after the weddings. This card is specifically to keep up with one’s exquisite lifestyle and sophisticated choices-all set for the wedding season.

Overall, it can be said that much attention has to be paid when deciding which banks offer the best cards for all kinds of wedding seasons as they approach us with full force. Finding the perfect one to suit one’s needs and requirements will be tough but it’s all worth it for celebrating our loved ones as they embark on a new chapter of their lives! Find the best card for yourself and you won’t have to secretly cry during a wedding!

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