Difference Between Fiber and DSL

Difference Between Fiber and DSL
June 15, 2017 K Compare

Difference between fiber and DSL internet - Difference between fiber and DSL - Difference Between Fiber and DSL

A bad internet connection is a nerve-racking struggle for all of us. Slow browsing and poor video streaming is very frustrating. Even after having a subscription, one might end up being a victim of having no internet services at all. In order to find the right internet connection, one needs to have a good knowledge of what options are available in the market.


When it comes to searching for internet options for home or your business, one is destined to choose from among the options that are available in the market. The most commonly used internet connections are known to be fiber-optic, cable, DSL & MIFI. They are all different from one and other, these differences can vary from data usage to their unique blends of services that they have to offer.


For now, our target is to discuss and differentiate between DSL and Fiber-Optics. This way one will be able to choose which internet connection is better among the two. So, before we go on to discuss the differences between DSL and Fiber-optics, we need to understand what exactly they are.


DSL has an abbreviation which is classified as Digital Subscriber Line. It can be defined as a way through which a computer gets connected to high speed internet through telephone line.


There was a time when phone was used as a means of connection for the internet. During that period DSL was the hottest thing around. What DSL used to do was that it basically used to split Internet frequencies from the telephone and enabled user to be online and use the phone instantaneously. When it comes to speed, DSL can reach as much a 6 Mbps.

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On the other hand, Fiber-optic internet connection is the connection that transfers data through Fiber-optic cable. The cable carries a thin glass wire that helps in transferring data from one place to another.

So basically, if a user is having an internet connection of fiber-optic then what it is doing is that it is using a connection in which data gets delivered in light signals through small yet flexible glass wires. So how fast can Fiber-optic go? Well, it can deliver the speed of up to 1000mbps that is by far 1000 times better than what DSL delivers.

Fiber Optic Vs DSL:

By now, any individual can probably see and understand that Fiber-optic wins over DSL on internet speed any day hands down. But the question is by how much? As previously discussed, Fiber optic network can deliver speed of up to 1GB (1000 MB), while DSL provides maximum speed of 6 Mbps. Keeping that in mind, I have highlighted some key differences that stand between the two internet connections which are classified below:

Fiber Vs DSL Chart internet - Fiber Vs DSL Chart - Difference Between Fiber and DSL

Moving forward, I have shortlisted the things that can be done on both the internet connections. Considering a fact that DSL is slower than fiber-optics, it can be said DSL can be used for those elementary activities which may include:

  • Browsing the Web
  • Sending & Receiving Emails
  • Sending & Receiving Pictures
  • Downloading e-books and small software setup

On contrary, when it comes to fiber-optics, services that it provides are probably best for online activities which may include:

  • Downloading music and videos
  • Streaming TV and movies
  • Playing real-time multiplayer games online
  • Connecting many devices, such as computers, mobile devices, smart TVs, at once

Making your choice

In the end, I would just say this, Internet has changed our way of life. It’s a global phenomenon. We use it for our daily business transactions, e-commerce activities, follow news be it global or national. We also use it at our workplace. Students use it to check their academic results, look for the information, and send emails to one another. The trendiest thing now in the world of Internet is social media which has taken the world by storm.

Choosing between the fiber optics or DSL connection required accurate decision. It’s safe to say that DSL will beat Fiber-optics in terms of pricing but when it comes to speed, Fiber-optics provide more lucrative deals that is mouthwatering and also provides reliable connection when it comes to value in terms to money.

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