Do You Really Need Travel Insurance In Pakistan?

Do You Really Need Travel Insurance In Pakistan?
May 29, 2018 K Compare

Do You Really Need Travel Insurance In Pakistan

Pakistanis love to travel, whether for shopping in Dubai or for a summer vacation in Singapore. In the excitement of traveling we often forget our essentials such as sunscreen or camera and think that they were the most important thing during the journey, however, if you are traveling overseas, travel insurance should be the first thing on your list to do before paying for any travel arrangements!

Imagine you arrive at the airport and told that your flight is canceled due to a natural disaster, or you land at your destination and told that your baggage is lost/delayed or you wake up with a terrible stomach ache in your hotel room. All these scenarios can be stressful and furthermore, the cost of fixing them can make you shell out a handsome amount from your wallet.

Therefore, it is extremely important to buy travel insurance in Pakistan as it will cover you against all the above scenarios while traveling around the globe. Moving forward, we give you 3 significant risks which can occur during your tour which can be secured through travel insurance.

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Overseas Medical Emergency:

You might not be clumsy and have a great immune system as well, however, future is unpredictable, and there is this slightest possibility that you may experience the nightmare of being seriously ill due to food poisoning or waking up in the hospital after an accident in a foreign country. Therefore, this is the first and the most significant reason for buying travel insurance in Pakistan that will provide you financial means to support your medical treatment and bills when you are not in your home country.

Yes, it can be expensive which causes inconvenience to you but the bigger trouble will be to fork out thousands of bills from your own pocket for medical bills whilst you are traveling. For example: do you know in the USA, the medical bill for treating a fractured arm can cost you a $10,000? We are lucky to have affordable healthcare treatments in Pakistan but sometimes we forget it is not the same in the other parts of the world.

Lost Baggage & Personal Belongings:

You saved all year for a vacation in the Bahamas and when finally the big day arrived, unfortunately, you are parted temporarily from your luggage due to airline’s mistake or parted permanently from your favorite mobile phone due to theft; at times like this travel insurance comes to the rescue as it pays for the loss of your luggage and all the trouble caused. Therefore, taking “reasonable care” of your belongings by buying travel insurance is necessary because you might think missing and damaged bags happens rarely but the reality is quite contrary to your thinking.

Trip/Flight Cancellation:

You have worked hard and saved your annual leave so that you can go on this trip to Malaysia for a long, relaxing stay. Everything is planned and booked. Suddenly, out of nowhere an earthquake destroys the hotel or all the flights are cancelled due to heavy rainfall or your partner is severely injured due to an accident. Who will help you now with all your non-refundable bookings?

Don’t fret! Travel insurance if bought before booking your tickets, accommodation and transport reservations protects your investment and reimburses you the expenses of your trip in case of trip/flight cancellation.

Do I Really Need Travel Insurance?

The bottom line is yes, no matter how tight is your budget, no matter how careful you are, you certainly cannot beat the unforeseen events. There are many different travel insurance providers in Pakistan offering different levels of covers. Keeping the above fundamental factors, the two top-rated and reliable insurance companies in Pakistan which can be on your list when you start packing for your trip are:

  • Efu Travel Insurance: It is recognized as one of the oldest insurance companies in Pakistan. It encompasses of an amazing traveling cover, taking off any burden of insecurity or unforeseen risk from your shoulder by compensating you for your loss so that you can enjoy your moments with the peaceful mind when you are away from your home.


  • Jubilee Travel Insurance: It is rated as one of the top insurance companies in Pakistan. It covers travel risks all around the world including medical emergencies, theft, lost baggage, trip/flight delay, etc. Jubilee travel insurance ensures that your trip either business or vacation is comfortable and free of the odds that might ruin your tour.

Hence for peace of mind, compare a quote or get your travel insurance for your adventure by visiting Karlocompare. Enjoy and have a safe journey!

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