Driving In Bad Weather

Driving In Bad Weather
April 19, 2018 K Compare
Driving in bad weather

Driving In Bad Weather

In an ideal world, driving would not have been a challenge in bad weather situations. But unfortunately we don’t live in one. Reality is that we live in a country where driving safely is a trial under the best of circumstances. With people speeding on the road, distracted driving, people driving under influence (stress, depression, sickness, etc.) the roads are a difficult place for drivers no matter how experience they are. In addition to that, Pakistani drivers are often challenged by bad weather conditions.

Conditions such as: heavy rain, fog, snow, and bright sunshine. Yes, bright sunshine can be dangerous sometimes as it reduces driver’s visibility and they are not able to see other cars quick enough.

“Regardless of the situation, the safest option is to avoid driving in bad weather and waiting for the weather to improve. You are safer inside your home rather being unsafe on the road in a bad weather. But there are times when you have no choice. Hence, if you do need to drive, these essential tips will help you stay safe and drive safely in bad weather.”

Drive Slowly:

The most important thing you can do to avoid accidents while driving is slowing down. Whether you are driving in heavy rain or snow, braking takes longer on slippery roads and it is difficult to stop and control the vehicle when you are driving fast. By slowing down, it will be easier to control and move over or stop your vehicle safely. You can also deceived by the fig, thinking that you are going slower than you really are. So, keep your vehicle’s speed slow to its minimum.

Plan Ahead:

Usually it requires more time and attention when driving in bad weather. If you are running late and not allowing ample time to reach your desired destination, this will result in more stress which will affect your driving. By planning ahead and leaving enough time to reach your destination, you will be organized to tackle unfortunate situations the bad weather throws your way.

Plan your trip by checking the weather before you leave and always keep a map with you to prevent getting lost. It also helps to show you alternate routes when needed.

Leave Enough Space In-front:

Make sure there is enough space between you and the car in front of you when driving in bad weather. It is recommended to double the room because brake time is slower in these situations, as you may not see things like another car or a traffic light until it is nearly upon you. Hence, you must give yourself more room instead of being only 2 feet behind the car.

Vehicle Fitness:

Check your windshield wipers frequently that they are working correctly. Wiper blades should not be worn and should be capable of clearing the windscreen properly. In winters, get your tires checked often that they are not “over” or “under” inflated. Ensure your headlights, windshield, and mirrors are clean and wiper fluid is full before leaving for the trip.

Improving Visibility:

The most crucial part of driving is visibility. Sunny sun and misty fog reduces driver’s visibility. In fog, make sure to turn on your low beam headlights, not your high beams because they reduce visibility during fog. It does not matter whether you are driving in day or night, low beams help you to see other cars and vice versa. To fight that blazing sunny rays scorching through your eyes, always keep UV sunglasses in your car as they help improve visibility and reduce the glare of sunny rays.

Insurance Is Important:

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“Cars are a convenience that helps us in a number of ways. However, the term “joy ride” does not apply when the weather is not good. I hope that after reading this blog, now you are aware of the strategies and safety tips of driving in bad weather. The more you will implement them while driving on the road, the better you will be able to prevent road accidents and reduce terrible injuries. Drive safely!”

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