Empowering The Marginalized – A Step Towards Understanding The Lives Of The Under Privileged

Empowering The Marginalized – A Step Towards Understanding The Lives Of The Under Privileged
April 27, 2018 K Compare
Empowering the Marginalized

Empowering The Marginalized – A Step Towards Understanding The Lives Of The Under Privileged

Many developed and under developed countries in the world are confronted with progress that is rapid and uneven which results in a divide between the economic growths. People have unequal access to the resources that controls power. That is why everyone has no equal authority.  Those who have power and authority, play significant role and are able to tilt situation in favor of them whereas, the powerless groups are deprived of benefits, and they are marginalized.

The process of identifying those who are powerless in terms of domination by others over them, than helping them in terms of increasing their control over self-reliance, material, and knowledge resources which determine power may be termed as empowering the marginalized.

Empowering the marginalized is the most recent approach in Pakistan. The core idea of this approach is to empower people through sharing, distribution, and greater participation. This article is designed to help and encourage local government and civil societies understand in what ways under privileged people can be empowered.

Empowerment the Marginalized VIA Education:

Marginalized rural groups can be empowered by providing good quality education to the neglected population. When accessibility to good quality schools is short, children suffer. Only 35% of children in rural Sindh have even been in a classroom. Cultural pressures and poverty don’t allow them to go to school. Due to unawareness, parents prefer sending their children to work for making ends meet. This raises the drop rate in literacy and decreases the ability to develop a successful community.

Empowerment the Marginalized VIA Women:

A society is a mixture of men, women, and children. It is high time to realize that women are the integral part of any society and have a crucial role to play in mainstream development of the country. Since, women spend a huge part of their lives on the education, health and ethics of their children as compared to men, which is straight and healthy investment on the future generation.

Hence, empowerment of women and their active participation economically and socially can bring changes in the overall progress of a nation. Women empowerment can be promoted by upholding women’s rights and making the society women friendly instead of traditional patriarchal society.

Such steps will ensure that each member of the community will be able to reach their utmost potential and will become a purposeful member for their society, contributing towards the sustainable growth and development of the country.

Empowerment the Marginalized VIA I.C.T:

Having Information and Communication Technology (ICT) knowledge and skills is vital, especially for effective functioning in the digital world. Studies conducted in developing and developed countries revealed that there are significant gaps in access to computer and technology use between different groups of society. By developing strategies such as, providing opportunities, education, and skills development, Global ICT experts can groom the marginalized which will allow them to play a key part of the society. Also, it could be helpful to alleviate poverty and giving strength to poor help themselves. Unfortunately, Pakistan is far left behind in the rate of ICT development Index. According to International Telecommunication Unit (ITU), Pakistan was on 146th position in 2016. This demonstrates that, our country is in dire need to integrate ICT’S to marginalized groups who are pushed to the edge of not belonging to the mainstreaming society; are given less importance and are suffering from poverty. There is a lot that needs to be done for the advancement of ICTs division in Pakistan. The policies of ITC should be updated at least twice in a decade, provisions and new ways in which technology can be introduced and embedded in rural communities should be made to facilitate marginalized groups for achieving best results.

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