Game of Thrones characters who display great Financial Swag

Game of Thrones characters who display great Financial Swag
September 7, 2017 Mrs. K Compare

Game of Thrones is one of the most trending shows that have definitely taken over social media and its audience by storm. Fans are practically gaga over the series and are actually afraid of all the spoilers. The addiction of the show has taken a toll on all the viewers and it is not limited to age. Basically, from a kid who is fifteen years old to married couples – GoT is apparently one of the best sources of entertainment for all.

Its great admiration is due to the attention grabbing and complex plot, along with the number of interesting characters that frequently pop up, plus the jaw dropping deaths in almost every episode. Each character exudes a unique aura and personality, one that sets them apart from others and makes them popular amongst audiences. Heroes are celebrated, villains are hated and everyone’s perception of who is the real hero and villain varies.

We decided to list down the few characters from the series that teach us a thing or two about financial tricks and hacks.

Cercei – The Queen Mother:

‘A Lannister always pays their debts.’ The line itself clarifies ample information about the character with whom we have a love-hate relationship with. Undoubtedly, The Queen Mother is one of the most influential characters of the series. The woman literally gets away with everything or cleverly devises a way out of every problem she is challenged with.

She rules King’s Landing with an iron fist and is shrewd enough to realize that she needs to keep her investors happy by ensuring they are paid back any loans with full interest that is due. We witness another example in the latest season of Game of Thrones, Season 10 Episode 3 where she assures her investors that they are betting on the right queen. She tells them that she was the queen who knew where their (investors) interests lie and that she would not stop the slave trade like Daenerys, the Dragon Mother.

Cersei, ensures that King’s Landing remains a favorable investment place when she very conveniently gets rid of the High Scepter in Season 9. She ensures that her stock market (Kings Landing) is taken care of and remains a favorable place for the Rich to live and invest in.

This teaches us to evaluate the right investment options that give us appropriate returns. It also teaches us the importance of paying back loans and making the right financial choices.

The Mother of Dragons:

Daenerys Targaryen is a perfect example of a self-made leader. The rags to riches story based in Westeros. From having nothing to accumulating everything- wealth, land, army and people. The one lesson that certainly can be learnt from her is to keep working hard, persistently seek for success, to never give up your dreams, to ignore people who feel that your dreams are unrealistic and to always think two steps ahead.

Even though she knew that the dragon’s eggs gifted to her had turned to stone and would never be alive again, she did not part ways with them and kept a brink of hope alive in her to believe in the impossible. She was able to identify her dragon eggs as a financial asset, on which she could fall back on when experiencing a tough situation. That became her contingency plan or her insurance.

Currently, Daenerys has an upper hand a high chance of sitting on the iron throne as opposed to her competitors. The sole reason is her strong belief in herself.

The Needle Bearer:

Good things come in small packages – this quote fits her perfectly! The deadly Arya Stark is one of the youngest characters of GOT and a brave princess who has the traits of a daring investor. At such a tender age, Stark managed to go an extra mile and face dangers that we all could only imagine being in. She knows that she has to achieve her goals and for her every challenge is just another opportunity to learn something else.

For Arya, slitting someone’s throat is cake! She is a character who would always be willing to take risks, even if the situation is not in her favor. Any person trying to follow the footsteps of The Needle Bearer, will either be able to have a great financial future or might lose everything just because of the recklessness. But calculated and daring risks is what Arya teaches us on a regular basis.

The Great Warrior Chieftain:

Kahl Drogo – not just good looks but also the charm that would sway any woman, if someone like him played his cards right – he can easily make you weak in the knees. He had everything in the palm of his hands but his success fell prey to his overconfidence. Overconfidence is not a positive trait for either men or women, and it also involves understanding that risk taking with overconfidence can lead to immense failure. During the preparation of financial budget, it is vital to practice the art of budgeting to ensure everything is right and things are going smoothly without any problem. The temptation of spending money higher than the budgeted amount will certainly lead to negative consequences for any person. Therefore, this character can help in explaining that you better be safe than sorry!

The knowledge of finance can come in very handy if you play your cards right. The characters in the Game of Thrones series definitely teach us a thing or two about the lessons of finance. So basically, you need to be cautious, careful and smart about your investments but hey, taking risks is a part of every business. You should make sound choices and decisions, be it loans, insurance plans, or credit cards.

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