Habib Bank Limited (HBL)-Website Review

Habib Bank Limited (HBL)-Website Review
February 23, 2016 K Compare Senior

Habib Bank Limited Review

hbl-website-review habib bank limited - HBL Website Review - Habib Bank Limited (HBL)-Website Review

In this age of information, websites are an integral part of business and commerce. A businesses website is often the first point of engagement with potential and existing customers, this stands true across all commercial activities

Hence, the team at Karlocompare has taken it upon their shoulders to perform a review of Habib Bank Limited’website to see if it is adequately geared to service their existing and potential customers. Since this is our first review, we will be evaluating bank’s websites in Pakistan on the following:

  • Design/ User Interface
  • Website User Experience/ Usability
  • Information Details
  • Ability to apply Online

In this article, we will be evaluating Habib Bank Limited (HBL) online presence and seeing how it stacks up on each criterion. While we aren’t assigning any ratings to the websites, but rather eliciting the areas where each website can improve.

 Design/ User Interface:

The HBL website has a very simple and clean design. The user interface is easy to use with most of the tabs being functional for both web and mobile. The website is completely optimized for use on mobile and tablets which has become an integral feature for this day and age.

Website User Experience/ Usability:

It is important to highlight right at the start of this section that the website was frequently giving service unavailable error at the home page and at various detail pages.

Upon the first glance of the website, we found that the menus and navigation tabs were clearly visible. The website provides a very convenient quick menu feature enabling the customer to navigate to his preferred section within a single click. However, this feature is not available on the mobile version home page.

The problem starts when the customer reaches a product information section. Most of the information is displayed in a paragraph format, therefore, the customer is required to read through each line to get to the intended information only to find out that the complete information is not on display but rather a PDF document only accessible after downloading.

Information Details

  • Availability

The information about the products features and customer service contacts are adequately available online. The website is structured in a way that brief information is listed online and heavy PDF files are uploaded for those seeking complete information. Further Basic information is available on the eligibility criteria for most products.

  • Clarity

The features, fees, and rates for various products are available online; however, these are presented in the form of a PDF document which highlights all bank charges (Schedule of Charges). For the layman finding and reviewing, pages of financial jargon is difficult and cumbersome. Due to the limited nature of eligibility criteria stated on the website the customer is left thinking whether he/she will be eligible to apply for a banking product, therefore, requiring further action from the customer.

Ability to apply Online:

The bank’s website is inconsistent when providing the functionality to apply online/request call back. A customer can make an Auto Loan request online; however the same feature is not available for Personal Loans or credit cards, neither is the application document nor the procedure to apply highlighted on the website.At some attempts to apply for the Auto Loan product ‘this application cannot be done at present’ disclaimer appears with no further information being provided to the customer. The same shows poor intent from the bank to cater to clients who prefer to engage digitally as opposed to the conventional channels such as branch banking and contact center.

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