HBL Credit Card Offers 2018

HBL Credit Card Offers 2018
May 29, 2018 K Compare

HBL Credit Card Offers 2018

Habib Bank Limited which is also known as “HBL” is the largest private bank of Pakistan. It was also the first commercial bank to be established in Pakistan in 1947. Over the years, it continues to dominate the commercial banking sector by spreading its network robustly with over 1450 branches nationally and 55 branches globally including the UK, UAE, AFRICA, the Far East, South, and Central Asia. HBL operates in all market segments offering diverse financial solutions and banking services in urban and rural hubs.

HBL offer credit cards that are solely designed to cater the needs of its valuable customers. Moreover, HBL card discounts are exemplary. They are accepted at over 29 million merchants and encompass exciting offers and exclusive rewards to experience the privileged side of life.

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Types of HBL Credit Cards:

  1. HBL Fuel Saver Card.

HBL Platinum Credit Card:

It is the most value-added card in terms of providing luxurious benefits to its holders through HBL credit card offers and HBL credit card discounts. You can have to access this card by paying the basic annual fee i.e. PKR 10,000.  It gives you 1 reward point, every time you spend 25 rupees on retail transactions and then you can redeem these points for home appliances, digital world, leather goods, jewelry and much more. It is also ideal for those people who often experience traveling as it offers complimentary and privileged access to International Airport Lounges irrespective of class of ticket or airline. Furthermore, it offers a wide variety of amazing everyday deals which you can relish from luxury hotels, spas, restaurants, and lifestyle stores.

HBL Gold And Green Credit Card:

HBL Gold Credit Card features convenience and flexibility for its valued consumers. The Gold Card with a basic annual fee PKR 6,000 and the Green Card with a basic annual fee of PKR 3,000 gives you access to a range of lifestyle reward points and offer you exciting deals which you can experience at lifestyle stores and restaurants. It also includes traveling benefits by providing free CIP Lounge access. The Gold and Green card are quite similar in providing HBL card discounts except that the lifestyle reward points and shopping and dining benefits offered in Gold Card are more than the Green Card.

HBL Fuel Saver Credit Card:

Imagine how much your life would be easier if the burden of your monthly fuel expense is reduced. The good news is your imagination is transformed into reality through HBL credit card offer. Now, as a HBL Fuel saver Gold Credit card holder you can now receive 5% cashback on every transaction on fuel by investing a monthly fee PKR 500 only and as a HBL Fuel saver Green credit card holder you can receive 3% cashback on every transaction on fuel by investing a monthly fee PKR 250. With the HBL Fuel saver credit card, you can save up to PKR 2,000 every month with an annual benefit up to PKR 24,000.

All in all, HBL offers its customers with 5 different credit cards to choose from; each comprising of unique discounts and offers. The ability to pay later and the acceptance of card globally is a bonus which makes spending even more accessible. However, before making a firm decision on buying a particular credit card, it is essential to compare the charges, benefits, value-added services, key facts, etc. of different credit cards through Karlcompare . This will surely help you to make a choice on which you will not regret in the future.

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