HBL Credit Card

HBL Credit Card – Product Review
February 26, 2016 Mrs. K Compare

HBL Credit Card

HBL Platinum credit card hbl credit card - Product Review Infograph HBL 01 - HBL Credit Card – Product Review

HBL Platinum Credit Card is designed to serve privileged clients. The card offers value added benefits such as access to airport lounges, discounts on dining options and a competitive reward program.  To be eligible for a HBL Platinum credit card a client must earn upwards of PKR 200,000 if they are a salaried individual. For established self-employed professionals or businessmen they need to show a 6-month average balance of PKR 600,000 a month at bear minimum.


Benefits of HBL Credit Card

  • Reward Program: The reward program provides an opportunity to redeem your accumulated points against some of the most sought after lifestyle, technology, or accessory products in the world. The reward program offers brands such as Apple, S.T Dupont, Montblanc and many other premium offerings. Each reward point is equivalent to PKR 25 spend on the card, for example, to qualify for a 16 GB iPhone 6s you need to accumulate 288,000 reward points. Additionally, you can qualify for 5x reward points on international spends which is definitely better than what other providers offer.
  • Airport Lounges: HBL credit card (Visa Platinum) opens up complimentary access to international lounges across various locations through a third party service provider Véloce Lounges.
  • Discounts: HBL card offers a host of discounts across dining, shopping, jewelry, and apparel outlets. HBL has exclusive deals with only a few premium restaurants.
  • Visa Card Privileges: Additionally, card holders qualify for discounts and deals offered through Platinum Privileges powered by Visa Middle East.

Though HBL Platinum is a competitive offering, the card does not offer any complimentary access to recreational fitness clubs, air miles or cash back. While reward points are a nice to have, to qualify for anything substantial you do need to spend quite a bit.

  • Fees & Rates: The card has an annual fee of PKR 8,000 which can be waived upon spending PKR 40,000 within 2 months from the time the card is issued or the fee applied. The annual percentage rate on the card is 39% which works out to be 3.25% per month.

HBL Credit Card hbl credit card - HBL Platinum Credit Card - HBL Credit Card – Product Review

About Habib Bank Limited

Habib Bank was originally established in 1941, since then the bank has gone from strength to strength. Habib Bank has continued to grow and expand through the years. The Bank’s first international branch opened in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1951. The Bank became a trendsetter in the banking industry. International operations expanded and HBL now operates in over 25 countries across four continents. The Bank offers Retail Banking, Consumer Finance, Corporate Banking, Investment Banking among other financial services.

Disclaimer: The above review is non-sponsored. The views expressed in this article is of the Karlocompare.com.pk content team and does not represent the bank and/or its employees. Application requirements for the HBL Credit Card (Visa Platinum), features, fees,  may be subject to change depending on the bank’s policy and regulatory requirements from time to time.


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