Hidden Credit Card Benefits You Might Be Missing

Hidden Credit Card Benefits You Might Be Missing
September 6, 2017 K Compare

It’s almost bemusing to see that a small, plastic rectangle with a bunch of numbers on it can mean so much to us. However, there’s more good news for you! There are a number of hidden benefits in your credit cards that you may just want to benefit from so buckle up for some jaw-dropping surprises.

  1. Extended Warranty

Behold, the first hidden gem- extended warranty protection. This is one of the most common hidden benefits that allows customers to get an increase in warranty for their goods. Check out if your credit card offers this feature, usually banks give up to 1-2 years for extra warranty. This will aid the consumer in being more confident while making purchases as they will be aware of this not-so-hidden gem! However, you may need to submit a receipt to the bank from before in order to easily avail the benefits of this feature. Banks in Pakistan such as Alfalah and MCB Bank’s Platinum Debit Card both offer extra warranty to their credit card holders so be sure to check that out when you make your next purchase.

  1. Purchase Security

If being a little clumsy and forgetful is one’s thing, or maybe luck doesn’t like being their friend and you end up damaging something that you own, this one’s for you. Purchase security means that one’s credit card has the ability to pay for the expense of that particular mishap. Few banks in Pakistan may be having this hidden benefit but it never hurts to deep dig. Call them up and see if they provide purchase security for items such as jewelry, technology and other items like appliances and electronics.

  1. Price Protection

This feature is pretty limited, mainly available in international countries but a little searching may be worth it to find this feature after all. This hidden feature means that if one purchases an item, only to find that it was being sold at a more affordable price at another outlet, your credit card may be able to comfort you. The credit card has the price protection to allow one to be paid back a certain proportion of the money that was spent in order to compensate for it. This can be quite useful if one is an avid shopper and looking to make affordable purchases.

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  1. Guaranteed Return

This hidden feature is again something very few are lucky to find. This means that incase your retailer refuses to accept the return of a good, your credit card may just do it for you by paying you back if it’s within a certain number of days.  This way one will never regret making a purchase as they can be compensated for it.

  1. Travel Benefits

In case you’re a globetrotter, you’ll adore the advantages you get from your card. You get rental auto protection when you lease a car from anyplace on the planet. You may likewise approach a hotline that can help you every minute of every day with travel issues and referrals as well. This is also something many people do not know about!

  1. Concierge Services

If one does not have enough time to thoroughly plan their vacation trip and cannot look through websites for hours trying to find affordable tickets, fear not, your credit card provides you with concierge services! This gives you an entrance to a specialist who is extraordinarily prepared to help satisfy your necessities.

Overall, it can be said that, like all hidden treasures, these take time and effort to be found and made use of. However, don’t give up just yet! Once you see the benefits of these hidden features, there’s nothing stopping you from finding more! To evaluate credit card providers and the advantages you can derive, click here and find out more.

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