How Budgeting Helps You Get Ahead

How Budgeting Helps You Get Ahead
October 25, 2018 K Compare

How Budgeting Helps You Get Ahead

Money is an important part of everyone’s life. For most adults, money management is an even more important topic to be contended with. We often feel that we are unable to reach our goals because we don’t have enough money; that if we made just a little more, we would be able to afford that house, take that vacation, or pay off that loan. Our friends often complain about expenses being more than their income, so much so that payday comes and the bank account seems to empty almost instantly, leaving little to no savings behind. There is a simple solution to these money woes: budgeting. A lot of people think that their goals are unreachable because their income is not enough, whereas the hurdle to them getting ahead in life is in fact, where the money goes.

Income vs. Expenditure: The two key aspects in budgeting are income and expenditure. Income is money coming in to the household. This could be through various means, including salary, business revenues and cash-flow from other assets such as rent from an owned property. Expenditure is money going out of the household to fulfill various needs; expenditure can be generally categorized into rent/mortgage, utilities, grocery, transportation/fuel, schooling, entertainment, clothing/apparel, loan repayments, and other miscellaneous needs.


Budgeting is simple and hard at the same time. It involves a lot of hard decisions and maybe some cutbacks, but it is sure to pay off in the future. Some important components of budgeting are:

Realistic evaluation: Where do you currently stand? Is there a way to make your current situation financially better without accumulating debt? How can you optimize your current income to fulfill your expenditure in the best possible way while avoiding overspending and perhaps adding to your savings? Evaluate your current standing realistically without deviating from the hard facts and figures.

Careful planning: A well thought out plan can work wonders in getting you closer to your goals. Think through where you wish to go and what your goals are. A practical plan with a clear goal can propel you closer to your dreams.

Consistent mindset: Budgeting can help you get ahead financially and realize all your financial goals. All you need is a consistent mindset and a clear picture of where you want to go. On your road to goal achievement, you will most certainly come across some hurdles which will make you think twice: do not think twice. Be sure of your path and carry on.

Tracking and Categorization: Accumulate your income and categorize your expenditure. Having it written in an organized form in front of you will help identify the necessary from the extra expenses, and this way you can eliminate the excessive expenditure more easily. This will also help you track future spending to make sure you do not deviate from your budget.

Compare options: While making a purchase, always research and compare alternatives for what you are buying. With such a variety of options available in today’s market, there will definitely be a better deal out there which can help maintain your financial boundaries.

Manage your debt: Adult life almost always comes with some form of debt: smart budgeting involves managing debt smartly. The most common form of modern debt is credit cards. It is very easy to mismanage credit cards if you are not careful with credit card expenditure, so it pays to be careful. On the other hand, credit cards can also help you track and categorize your spending, so essentially it can play a positive role in making and managing your budget. Some of the best credit cards in Pakistan are always coming up with different offers, discounts and reward programs which make financial management easier for the average person. To compare credit cards and their offers, websites like are quite helpful.

Budgeting can help you get ahead in your financial journey. All those dreams and goals that do not seem achievable are within your grasp if you can make small but lasting changes in your life. Making a budget and being consistent in following it can result in increased savings, peace of mind and a prosperous future. It can cut excessive expenditure so that the money can be used for other things that may be more beneficial in the long run, such as investments which will give lasting returns. It is as simple as making a have-spend-save ratio, i.e. how much you have, how much you need to spend and how much you should be saving/investing. Understanding this trend and staying on track to keep the balance in your income, expenditure and savings will help you go a long way towards a prosperous financial future.

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