How Much Individual Health Insurance Costs

How Much Individual Health Insurance Costs
May 4, 2018 K Compare
Health Insurance Cost

How Much Individual Health Insurance Costs

We are aware of the fact that our future is unpredictable. No one plans to fall ill or get hurt by their own choice and this illness or injury can turn your financial world upside down because not everyone comes from a financial strong background. So the question arises, how can you prepare yourself for these unplanned and uncertain future health situations? It is very simple; buy yourself health insurance to cover these medical expenses.

Individual health insurance is a coverage that covers your or your family’s medical expenses during unannounced medical emergencies, by paying a premium annually. It promises an individual that even if they don’t have money to pay for their doctor’s fees or hospital bills in case of an emergency hospitalization, it will cover by them.

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If your workplace or company is not providing you with health insurance coverage then it is important that you purchase it on your own for yourself or for your family based on your personal needs and budget. Especially in Pakistan, where healthcare system is quite inadequate and incompetent. Government hospitals are poorly organized and on the other hands, private hospitals are too expensive to afford. Therefore, health insurance is a blessing for someone who wants to protect his pocket from an unexpected financial dent in case of a medical emergency.

In Pakistan there are many best health insurance companies offering various policies and plans designed to benefit their customers, though we have mentioned below some of highly specialized and responsible companies who make quality healthcare accessible and affordable for you.

When you are looking for a quality health insurance plan for you or your family, the first question which might pop up in your mind will be “How much health insurance costs?” Health insurance quotes depends on the policy terms and conditions in your package which can be tailor-made according to meet one’s individual needs. Also, age of the insurer is a key factor in calculating the quote by insurance companies.

When considering the cost of health insurance it is essential to ponder upon premium as well as deductibles. The bill which you pay monthly to your insurer is called the Premium whereas, the amount you pay from your own pocket when you receive medical care before your insurer pays for anything. Generally, higher will be the premium, it will cover more medical bills and deductibles will be lower.

There are variety of options and plans you can opt for to cover you and your family however, some common services which are mostly be covered under each plan would be Operation Theatre Charges, Surgical Fees and Daily Room.  It is also important to understand that insurance companies provide different types of health care packages.

  • Platinum plan: it is the highest coverage plan with highest premiums and lowest deductibles.
  • Gold plan: it covers medical costs with high premiums and low deductibles.
  • Silver plan: it covers moderately when you need care with moderate premiums and reasonable deductibles.
  • Bronze plan: it is the lowest coverage plan with lowest premiums and high deductibles.

In order, to choose the right plan for yourself, estimate the expected medical services you will need for the future year. If you expect a lot of doctor visits or have a planned medical situation then you may want to go for the plan that covers most of your medical costs. If you don’t use medical services on daily basis and usually you are a healthy person then you may consider a plan with lower premium to protect yourself from unforeseen situations like getting seriously injured or ill.

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A few years ago, for acquiring best health insurance quotes, one had to personally visit or call the insurance companies. But in today’s technological world you can easily compare quotes and buy it from different insurance companies by simply visiting websites. Visit and plan your health insurance according to your health needs and pocket budget. Stay insured and live healthily.

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