How Technology Is Making Your Health Care Better

How Technology Is Making Your Health Care Better
April 30, 2018 K Compare

“How Technology Is Making Your Healthcare Better”

In today’s world, technology is improving day by day; it has changed the way we communicate, shop, study, travel, and much more. Hence it won’t be wrong to say that technology has improved the way of living for human beings across the world. Apart from all the fields in which technology plays a vital role, the most important one is healthcare industry. From better treatment options to less suffering; from increasing life quality to less waiting time; healthcare technology is helping people to make them healthy in a cheaper, faster, and effective way.

Below I have listed some ways in which technology has advanced in healthcare and improved our health on daily basis.

Wearable Technology:

The most obvious way technology has advanced healthcare is by health trackers and wearables. These devices are very useful nowadays as they help you to know more about your condition/fitness, help you track them and recommend you better ways appropriate for your condition. For example: wristband and watches to monitor your heart rate; blood pressure, sleeping patterns, activities, fitness level, etc. Also, these devices support users to take an active part in maintaining their own health.

Smart Phones Or A Mobile Clinic?

Smart phones cannot be left out in this technological future. Tech companies have turned mobile phones into a medical device by developing such apps that could eventually make healthcare easier to track and control for an individual. For example: healthy food apps can guide you to healthy and nutritious food; dietary plan apps help you to plan your diet according to your personal diet restrictions; meditation apps to reduce your stress; fitness apps; and many more.

Improvement through these apps doesn’t just result in better physical health. Technology is also a source of connections and relationships which result in better mental health as well.

More Ability To Research For Individuals:

With so many medical websites available, it allows people to research about their medical problems. Internet has facilitated patients to look up for their symptoms, study basic information about their illness, possible treatments, natural remedies, and medicines on the web. This does not mean to skip out on the doctor entirely but it certainly gives more power to patients to decide either to visit a doctor or not; and their condition requires immediate attention or not.

Ability To Explore And Buy Health Insurance:

Let’s not forget the way technology has provided us with peace of mind by empowering us to buy health insurance policies through internet. Health insurance is an important method to protect you from unexpected health issues and it covers the best medical treatments (visit to a doctor, a prescription medicine, a lab test, physiotherapy, counseling, etc.) if they are required. offers a variety of health coverage choices that can work for you, your family, and budget.

Pakistan is the most populous country in the world with a population over 201 million people. Unfortunately there is still a long way to go to ensure that healthcare setup is at the same level as in other countries of the world. As it is a developing country, some major technologies like telemedicine and Electronic Medical Records are not available throughout the country yet and are still very much in development stage. But, it is not a surprise that Pakistanis have the potential to lead in IT and medicine which can be seen abroad in England and North-America.  Pakistani Government and private sector should work with people to come up with solutions to the problems faced by healthcare sector. They should work towards the issue of limited access to healthcare to provide better, secure and reliable services to the patients where no physical healthcare infrastructure is available.

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