How To Find The Best Travel Insurance In 2018

How To Find The Best Travel Insurance In 2018
May 29, 2018 K Compare

How To Find The Best Travel Insurance In 2018

Sure, traveling is fun; the rush of an adventure, the relaxation afforded by taking a break from daily routine, the restoration of spirits but what about the risk associated with visiting an unknown place?

Travel insurance is often an overlooked aspect of planning your annual vacation abroad. Although almost all insurance companies offer a domestic travel insurance scheme as well, the one we are primarily going to emphasize on is international travel. With expenses piling up ranging from airplane tickets to hotel booking to shopping, cutting down on the extra premium cost for travel insurance seems like a fair idea but it might be the most important aspect of the planning you will be missing out on, providing you both peace of mind and saving you from an exorbitant extra expense in case circumstances turn out to be less than ideal.

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Here’s what makes getting travel insurance a good idea?

  • It is cheaper than you think; With coverage of around $10,000 for medical expenses, for example, the premium can start from just PKR 700 depending on the length of your stay
  • It’s flexible; the cost of the premium is determined by the days of your stay starting from 7 days to a maximum of approximately 90 days (3 months). Multi-trip insurance (for frequent travelers to a single destination) is also available.
  • It covers your family; Plans are available both for the individual and for the family so you don’t have to buy individual plans when traveling with your loved ones.
  • It’s easy to get; below is how!

Knowing What To Expect In A Good Insurance Scheme:

With a myriad of options out there, it always pays to know what you are looking for. So below are a few knowledge hacks, as we call it, to help you evaluate an insurance scheme before buying:

  • The scheme will differ depending on your place of visit:
    1. Medical Travel Insurance is a requirement for traveling to Europe. If you are traveling to Europe, make sure that your insurance company is Schengen Approved.
    2. When traveling to any other country, ensure that the insurance covers all the countries you are planning to visit. The premium and plan will change slightly depending on which country you are visiting.
    3. For Hajj and Umrah, special insurance schemes are available


  • A good insurance scheme should include the following:
    1. Cover all medical emergencies and related hospitalization cost; personal injury, permanent disability, accidental death and emergency dental care
    2. Cover repatriation of self and family members in case of illness or medical emergency and if there is a strife in the country of visit making it a security risk to stay
    3. Cover loss of essential items; passport, credit card, in-flight checked in-baggage and important documents such as visa
    4. Cover cancellation of a trip including tickets or hotel booking as well as flight delays and missed connection (so, if you had to cancel your trip due to a last moment work commitment the cost of the non-refundable ticket can be reimbursed to a certain percentage such 80% of the ticket value). This also should cover the trip cancellation due to a cessation of operations by your travel provider (e.g. if your airline cancels all flights due to a strike etc)
    5. Cover extra stay for self and family members in case of a medical emergency
    6. Cover electronic items lost due to airport negligence or theft such as cameras, laptops etc.


  • All travel insurance is based on reimbursement and the claims for reimbursement should be placed as soon as possible after the trip ends.
    1. Call your insurance company before filing the claims to check what documentation is required to file a successful claim. Fill all forms provided by the company diligently.
    2. Save every scrap of paper which can serve as proof of claim such as medical bills, police report and try to get everything in writing e.g. cause of delays, hotel receipts, invoices etc.
    3. It usually takes 2-3 weeks to get your claim approved and reimbursed. Delaying claim filing can lead to a risk of rejection or loss of proof.

Knowing What Insurance Companies Will Not Cover

Equally important to know what to expect from a good insurance scheme is knowing what not to expect. Travel insurance does not cover pre-existing medical conditions. Therefore, a medical emergency resulting from a condition such as heart disease or diabetes will not be covered. Moreover, any loss resulting from negligence such as forgetting your passport at a restaurant counter or injury caused while under the influence of any drugs will not be covered.  One extra tip is related to age. Travel insurance usually does not cover or charges an extra premium for individuals over 65 years so be sure to check with your insurance company about options if you are or traveling with family over 65 years.

Book your travel insurance as soon as you make the first payment regarding your trip including making the first hotel booking or booking your tickets. This will ensure that any unforeseen circumstances occurring even before the beginning of the trip such as the cancellation of a flight are covered.

Our Recommendations:

JUBILEE INSURANCE and EFU LIFE INSURANCE offer travel insurance policies that cover almost all the above-mentioned benefits. For more comparison quotes and to choose the best travel insurance scheme, visit Karlocompare. It offers an easy and reliable way to select the plan customized to you and your family needs without having to spend hours researching on the web.

Now enjoy your adventure with not a worry in the world.

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