How to Install and Use Mi-Fi Devices of Top Providers

How to Install and Use Mi-Fi Devices of Top Providers
August 24, 2017 Mrs. K Compare
How to Install and Use MiFi Devices of Top Providers-Karlocompare

After the glorious invention of wi-fi, the creation of mi-fi devices only serves as the icing on the cake. Who would’ve imagined that staying connected to the internet world from the comfort of our homes and now, our cars, buses, etc. was possible?

Now, Pakistan’s major mobile phone service providers have finally been given the gift of being able to produce their own mi-fi devices! If you’re interested in learning about (and possibly purchasing) this wonderful device, we’ve got you!

Here is all that you need to know regarding mi-fi devices:

What’s a mi-fi device?

A mi-fi device is essentially a compact device that offers wireless internet. It’s a normal wi-fi device, just smaller, lighter and portable. These features enable it to be used on the go: on road trips, long rides, etc.

It works like any mobile’s hotspot, allowing its users to avail the benefit of connecting to its broadband signal and use it as they would for any other wi-fi.

Which companies are providing mi-fi devices in Pakistan?

Fortunately, quite a number of Pakistani companies now offer mi-fi devices, including Telenor, PTCL, Mobilink, Zong, and Warid. All these companies are varied versions of the same concept; portable wi-fi.

Telenor is offering their “4G MiFi Hotspot Device” which retails for PKR 2,000 and allows up to 16 users to connect to the device. It is compatible with 4G/3G/2G devices and is rechargeable with a working time of 6 hours.

PTCL provides their customers with the “EVO Wi-Fi Cloud,” a mi-fi device with such a sleek design that it fits in one’s pocket comfortably and allows up to 5 users to connect to it simultaneously.

Mobilink is selling its “4G Wi-Fi Device” for PKR 4,500 that provides its customers with high quality broadband service and easy streaming, downloading and uploading.

Zong has wowed its customers with its “4G Bolt +” which is a mi-fi device that retails for PKR 3,000 and features 6 hours working time.

Warid has a mi-fi device which is all the rage nowadays since it provides high-speed internet to up to 3 connected users and is being sold for PKR 3,500 only. Its sleek design and high-quality performance has garnered a lot of attention by the public.

The prices of these mi-fi devices range from PKR 1000-4000, depending on the speed and size of the device.

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How do I purchase a mi-fi device?

Any of these devices can easily be purchased by contacting the desired company and going to their retail store like Telenor or, in the case of PTCL and Zong, one can conveniently buy the device through their online stores. By filling out a few details regarding the delivery and payment method, the device will be brought to one’s doorstep within a few weeks.

How do I use the mi-fi device?

The general method of activating and using these devices goes something like this:

  1. Switch on the device.
  2. Use your phone/tablet/laptop to search for existing wireless networks.
  3. Click on the name of the mi-fi device’s signal in order to connect to it.
  4. Enter the designated password of the mi-fi (which is usually written on the back of the device.)
  5. Once the notification of the device being connected pops up, open to the required website and enjoy!

In conclusion, it can be said that finding the perfect, portable broadband device has now become a dream come true, all thanks to these top Pakistan providers! Using a mi-fi device has now become extremely convenient and effortless, all thanks to technology’s ever-growing process. Now, one can easily travel with their family and friends in the car for a road trip with the help of a mi-fi device! If however, you are looking for a more home-bound, broadband solution, you can always use comparison tools like ours, to evaluate rates as well as features and then make your decision.

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