How to Reset Your Zong 4G Device

How to Reset Your Zong 4G Device
October 31, 2017 K Compare
Reset 4G zong Device

Are you one of those who suffer from forgetfulness and end up forgetting your passwords? Research suggests that on an average a single user has 19 passwords and several online profiles. Forgetting things is a common phenomenon but after reading this short tutorial you will know how easy it is to recover your Zong 4G device’s User ID and Password.

Zong is one of the leading names in broadband industry of Pakistan and has more customers than any other internet service provider. The credit goes to uninterrupted speed, level and network of coverage and very affordable packages provided by them. The company is always bringing something new for its customers like recently, offering an extra volume offer and so much more.

Now, coming back to how to reset Zong’s 4G Wingle devices, following is a brief tutorial. There are two ways of resetting Zong’s device and it will be your choice which one to opt for:

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  1. Hard Reset:

    The first one is linked to Zong’s interface. This one is called master or hard reset that is done by opening the cover of the device and by pressing the reset button on it.

This type is usually required when the user forgets his user ID and password, but it can also be done when the device is having an issue in connecting, keeps disconnecting and also if the device is unable to find signals.

First of all, you will have to uncover the device. You can do that by pushing the cover to the opposite side of the device. But you have to make sure that the device is still connected to the adapter or your operator.

Next thing you have to do is search for a small button, see the picture below to locate the reset button and press it till all the lights on the following device are turned off. As the lights go off the device goes in to the reset mode. Then all you have to do is turn it back on again to start surfing! The password goes back to default, which is written on your device as well.

Zong zong - 1 - How to Reset Your Zong 4G Device


  1. Reboot Reset:

    Rebooting will simply reset the device without asking you to change the Wi-Fi details or login. This operation is best when having issues with the speed of the device or when you are unable to get access to the internet at all. You would still need to sign in to the interface by using the default User ID and password.

After signing in, you have to follow these very simple instructions:

  • Go to the settings ->> Reboot
  • Press the button Restore
  • It will take some time to restore the device and will be ready to use

This way will simply reset each and everything. It will clean all the SMS, customer’s previous data, login ID and password. By doing this you will clean your device and it will be like a brand-new device.

Zong zong - 2 - How to Reset Your Zong 4G Device


If you need any more information, you always contact Karlocompare or Zong to help solve any issues you might be facing. If you still don’t have a Zong device, what are you waiting for? It is one of the best devices to connect to the internet available in Pakistan and you can carry it anywhere and use it anytime, much like a power bank and the best part? You can get one in Karachi in only an hour if you order through Karlocompare! Happy surfing!

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