How we are helping the Pakistani Personal Finance consumer

How we are helping the Pakistani Personal Finance consumer
October 2, 2016 Mrs. K Compare

Helping_Personalfinance_consumers personal finance - Helping the personal finance customer - How we are helping the Pakistani Personal Finance consumer


Every one likes options. Whether you are in the market for a new pair of shoes, clothes or anything else you like looking at a few options. So why is it that we are reluctant to weighing our choices when it comes to personal finance? Is it because the process is tedious, or are we just intimidated by anything to do with finance? Whatever your excuse at we have made it easier for you to make an informed decision. aims to help you discover, compare, apply or buy personal finance products easily and efficiently. Whether you are looking for a credit card, auto or personal loan you can easily see all the terms, monthly payments, rates and features in one place. Previously Pakistani consumers would have to take the pain to visit bank branches (which is so passé), speak to call center agents (who usually end up giving you incomplete information), or just simply rely on recommendations from friends and family.

Banks have done little to improve customer journeys that could help consumers make informed decisions independently. Previously you would learn of a personal finance product through some sales representatives random SMS for a credit card, personal or auto loan. You would jump on the first opportunity where you didn’t have to take the pain to approach the bank since they were approaching you.

When you attempted to learn more about the service being offered, you would find it difficult to compare it to similar products offered by others because of the lack of consistency in representation – due to which you were left vulnerable to having a sub optimal experience.

We saw this gap, and have given it our best shot at trying to help you overcome the problem.  You don’t have to rely on the representative’s pitch, or a friend’s recommendation. All you have to do is go to our results pages of the relevant product category, have a look, compare and apply or buy.

Whether you are in the market for credit, insurance or broadband you can have a quick look at all the options available to you. We try to show you the entire market, and demonstrate all the costs associated with your selection – so there are no surprises once you have bought.

In today’s day in age could you imagine going in to a mobile phone store and not expect to learn about the differences between the new iphone and Samsung vis a vis price, specs and other features? That’s how we felt the personal finance market was like up till now.

With regulators taking positive steps in compelling financial services to do more in educating consumers and representing information in a standardized way and  with services like – you don’t have to be kept in the dark anymore. Make use of your resources by using them to the fullest.

Smart Bano, Compare Karo…

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