How You Can Benefit From Wi-tribe’s Technology Upgrade!

How You Can Benefit From Wi-tribe’s Technology Upgrade!
October 13, 2017 Mrs. K Compare
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Smooth internet browsing has now become a need for all of us just like food and water. If you are a student, or an entrepreneur, or even if your internet need is work related, the internet has become a necessity for all of us.

Staying in touch with your loved ones overseas requires a fast internet service without any distortion. If you are working remotely, or have international clients, then Skype calls are the way to go, for which high speed internet is mandatory. Wi-tribe has recently undergone a technology upgrade that will definitely make your life on the internet a whole lot easier.

The LTE-A 4.5G speed packages that Wi-tribe has introduced based on its recent upgrade, will simply blow you away! LTE-A 4.5G is a significant upgrade from the speeds of 3G and 4G, and you will experience this difference the minute you use a connection from Wi-tribe. Based on this change, Wi-tribe, for the month of October, has taken out some offers that you can avail. The discounts are tremendous, and they are available on both postpaid and prepaid packages:


  • Starter-50 GB – PKR 1,499/-MLR
  • Starter-70 GB – PKR 1,749/-MLR
  • Starter-90 GB – PKR 1,999/-MLR

Opting for above packages will not only get you the benefit of fast speed internet but will also give you the advantage of spending less and acquiring more. Do you know what this means? These packages are perfect for all students out there who have a mountain of assignments to complete but slow internet to deal with. If you are looking to watch Netflix, or have a large number of Skype calls to deal with, these packages and the speed offered are ideal for you as well. This isn’t the only good news, you can very easily get your hands on these packages by paying activation charges of just PKR 4,999. This is just a limited time offer though so get your hands on this today!

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  • Smart 50GB at the price of 35GB – PKR 2,299/-MLR
  • Smart 90GB at the price of 60GB – PKR 2,799/-MLR

Another plus for all students and housewives who wish to stay connected, and browse to their heart’s content, without having to dish out a lot of cash. These packages are excellent for specific browsing, calling over the internet, or streaming. Again, there is a limited time offer of PKR 6,999 as activation charges. Avail today to get this discounted offer.


  • Infinet 120GB – PKR 2,249/-MLR
  • Infinet 150GB – PKR 2,499/-MLR
  • Infinet 250GB – PKR 2,849/-MLR
  • Infinet 500GB – PKR 3,599/-MLR

If you’re running a small business or if you’re a blogger who need to update his/her social media frequently without facing slow connectivity issues, then Wi-tribe is here to give you the perfect solution. This connection is exactly what you need-no reason why you should be frustrated, when you have a large amount of images or videos to upload. Get yourself one of these packages that will save you cost, as well as time and the frustration. Activation charges are PKR 4,999, a limited time offer that you should avail today.



Could this be any more reasonable? This offer is a best fit for medium to large organizational setups, where a large workforce is working on the internet during most of the work day. A large organization requires a fast speed internet without any hassle at all, especially if emails and document sharing are a key part of the workload. You won’t want to stress over slow internet connectivity at all. The limited time offer to get your hands on this service is only PKR 4,999.

So, what are you waiting for?

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