How You Can Get Up to Rs. 1,000 in Hidden Credit Card Benefits

How You Can Get Up to Rs. 1,000 in Hidden Credit Card Benefits
August 30, 2017 K Compare
How You Can Get Up to Rs 1000 in Hidden Credit Card Benefits-Karlocompare

Saving your money while spending it? This, ladies and gentlemen, is the beautiful paradox that exists in our world today, and that is all thanks to credit cards. These credit cards have secret treasure hidden within them- the ability to save money, make affordable purchases and avail numerous benefits of being an avid consumer.

Here is how you can get up to Rs.1000 through your credit cards:

  1. Cashback Options with Credit Cards

Yes, such a thing exists! Behold, the launch of Cashback Credit Cards, specifically designed so that customers can get a certain proportion of their money back while making purchases with their credit card. The concept of cashback is one of the most effective ways in which one can get money up to Rs. 1,000 and benefit from it significantly.

The reason this stands true is because of the type of goods that the cashback is offered on. These include key categories such as fuel, groceries, clothes, electronics and so much more. Each category has a certain percentage of cashback offered through the use of the credit card such as getting 5% cashback on fuel, 3% on grocery shopping, etc. These common categories are areas which are almost always in one’s credit card bill or monthly purchase. Imagine getting some money back on things you already purchase and consume on a regular basis! It’s like one has hit the jackpot!

Moreover, several banks have started offering cashback-centered credit cards in Pakistan that allow one to benefit as much as possible, even in the smallest ways. These banks include SCB, HBL, Alfalah and SilkBank to name a few, which have dedicated pages on their website regarding the ways on which their Cashback Credit Cards help save a good deal of money!

  1. Discounts

Another fantastic way of getting money of up to Rs. 1,000 through one’s credit card is through the ample number of discounts offered on various restaurants, salons, and other services.

Banks in Pakistan are known for offering a spectacular range of discounts on restaurants including popular, well-known ones as well as local favorites. These discount percentages range from 10-30% or even higher for some restaurants. If you think about it, saving around Rs. 200-300 on every meal can add up to at least a Rs. 1000 by the end of the week or month. This way, one can enjoy their favorite meals as well as save money. It’s a win-win!

Banks that offer the most number of discounts on various services include Alfalah, SCB, SilkBank, Faysal Bank, UBL and HBL. These banks have credit cards which reward the customers with discounted services in order to keep them satisfied. For example, Bank Alfalah has made arrangements with numerous food outlets from where you can avail discounts, anywhere between 10% to 25%, in all the major cities of Pakistan.

So, check out the discounts are offered on which services through on your credit card. You’ll be surprised at the numerous discounts available so that you can get money saved as one of the benefits!

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  1. Points System and Reward Program

Believe it or not, banks also offer credit cards that come with another hidden gem- a reward program! A Reward Program involves a system in which every time a customer makes a purchase by using the credit card, they earn a certain set of ‘points.’ These points are another form of currency through which a customer can purchase certain goods without actually paying for them!

This means that if one earns, let say, 800 points, they have the choice to either receive a customized coffee mug or t-shirt from their bank.

Many banks including HBL and Standard Chartered offer a wide range of good quality products that can be earned through points and allow one to essentially make free purchases! Just remember, the greater the number of points, the better the reward! This is because Standard Chartered’ s  point system not only offers electronics such as air conditioners, hairdryers, televisions and irons but also cutlery whereas HBL offers clothes, jewelry, wallets, watches and fragrances as well!

Not only that but HBL has a ‘Slice Your Bill’ points system which allows customers to pay some amount of the restaurant bill while the bank pays the other; mainly including Rs. 1,000 for places such as Arizona grill, China Ming and Bar.B.Q Tonight etc.

Bank Alfalah also offers a comprehensive reward plan, where you earn 1 point for every Rs. 50 that you spend. There are tons of products to choose from, and from each different category as well such as entertainment, lifestyle, sports, and even travel!

Overall, it can be said that there is more than one way to either get one’s money back or save some of it through these hidden benefits in our credit cards. So, start looking now!

If you are looking to choose a credit card that provides you with maximum benefits, you can always compare the most popular card choices with our handy credit card comparison tool!

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