Increase Your Income with Careem

Increase Your Income with Careem
September 13, 2017 Mrs. K Compare

Who wouldn’t like to have an additional income in the days of high cost of living? Utilities have now become an unbearable burden on an average household in addition to school fees, rents and groceries. Many people wonder what can they do and how can they increase their income by working part time. Scores of people search every possible avenue for a part time job that can make them sufficient money to keep them afloat. But there is a solution: Careem!

Careem is one of the new age, conveyance companies, that brings the demand for transport, to the supplier who can drive. In the absence of a viable public transport system it became an instant success and received over whelming response from the public. Careem by now, is a household name in Pakistan, providing a viable, and reasonably priced conveyance solution to its consumers in top cities of Pakistan.

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How Can You Become A Car Captain With Careem?

Careem can help an average Pakistani to earn more or substantially add to their current income. It is also not limited to males, as Careem also takes on board female captains. For people who are employed elsewhere and have fixed office timings, they can register themselves at Careem with flexible timings.  A person who has 9 to 5 job has the liberty to drive after 5 for as long as the passengers are available in the market. Similarly, a person who has odd timings; evening duty or night shifts, can drive during day. And since 5pm to 8pm are generally considered peak hours due to rush from offices, it can help in bringing in added income.

Careem claims if captain drive the whole day, income during the month can go beyond PKR 80,000 by adding all the bonuses and incentives. For part time captains, it all depends on the number of hours a person drives each day, and perhaps on the times of the drive as well during the day. On an average, 4-5 hours daily can make up to PKR 30-35k per month.

For youth who aspire to be self-employed, this could be a dream come true, for two reasons, you can either collect funds to run your own business, while you drive to your heart’s content, or you can use this as a part time opportunity to taper off your expenses through the earnings from Careem.

What If I Don’t Have A Car or Money To Buy A Car

Starting this Careem does not require huge capital. A decent car whether previously owned or leased out, will suffice. Any 600cc car in the local market, is currently costing between PKR 8.5 lacs to 9.5 lacs. And if you are inclined towards purchasing a used car, you can buy a similar car at 60% of the cost. Likewise, an 800cc car would be in the vicinity of 7.5 lacs and a used one would be between 4.5 to 5 lacs.

If you don’t own a car at this point, there are several resources from where financing can be sourced, such as banks, leasing companies and modarabas. If you need assistance in determining which bank to choose for your car loan, our nifty comparison calculator can help.

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What Other Benefits Do I Get?

The good part in partnering with Careem is the fact that capital investment remains in your custody and is absolutely safe. How safe? First, you are not lending money to anyone or investing with a third party; but investing with only yourself. Secondly, which is the key, is the insurance cover you can sign up for. Careem has partnered with UBL to provide comprehensive vehicle insurance plans that are customized specifically for Careem captains. By acquiring comprehensive insurance cover your investment, in this case your car is secured from all sorts of damages such as; theft, arson, snatched at gun point, accident or any other means that may put your car in jeopardy.

Careem does not necessarily dictate you to buy vehicle insurance for your car. However, Careem does provide in-ride insurance which according to Careem: “provides more comprehensive cover for personal injury in case of a serious accident and gives greater peace of mind to our captains, customers, and their families.

There are other options for comprehensive car insurance as well, that you can avail. Try looking through some auto insurance plans here to determine the best one for your car.

A Careem representative got back to us and gave us an insight on other benefits that a captain gets when they drive for Careem. They state that top performing captains can avail even more advantages – a business loan in partnership with JS Bank and Prime Minister Youth program, that can help to own your own vehicle, Iftar Trucks for on-road captains, JeetoKaptaan programs for some well deserved break and gifts, and much more. This is beyond the employment opportunity and extra income that you are making from being a Careem Captain.

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With options like Careem, there is a great opportunity to make extra money and supplement income. For those of you, who can invest little bit of your time, know driving and have a bit of patience, you can easily join the program to become a Careem captain.

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