Internet Services by SATCOMM – A Review

Internet Services by SATCOMM – A Review
July 12, 2017 K Compare

The internet has become a necessity in the world of business. Whenever an individual starts a small business enterprise, the first thing that that they would want is a fast and reliable Internet connection that can offer a host of services. In most cases, the priority is to have an Internet service that is affordable, flexible and offers 24/7 back up support. Not a lot of businesses would want to invest a lot in buying heavy machinery and laying out infrastructure for IT.

There comes a point where a decision needs to be made on which Internet service should one avail amongst the numerous brands; both private and government controlled services that are available in the market. This is where the introduction of Satcomm services comes in to play its role.

Without any further delays, let’s start off with a brief explanation as to what Satcomm has to offer in terms of internet services and packages. Though the company has numerable blue chip companies and big names in its portfolio, Satcomm prefers to provide its services to start-ups and growing organizations with relatively limited resources.


Satcomm is the first organizations which is looking forward to establish a network which is called Metro Area Network. The cities that they have targeted are: Karachi and Lahore, these two cities are mostly known to be the business hubs and in terms of Population, are the largest cities of Pakistan.

Satcomm has currently laid an infrastructure which is a total of 60 km of 36-core Metro Core optical Fibre Backbone Network in Karachi itself and also is currently working on deploying a total of 25km of 36-core Metro Core Optical Fiber Backbone network in Lahore. These are operational on Telco-grade Optical Transport Equipment, which passes through the entire majority of residential & commercial areas of the two cities, it constitutes about 60 – 70 percent of the areas.

Satcomm Services

Satcomm, is currently working on setting up a central data center that will provide services to entire cities. They have divided them into 2 physically separate hub sites. The issues that Satcomm was facing initially, that is, the Main Power Supply, Secondary Power Supply and Security which have have been resolved. Both the data centers are well secured and provide maximum output for its targeted audiences. Apart from Metro Area Network, some of the other services that Satcomm has to offer are given below:

Security & Surveillance

Business requires traveling and one may not always be around to check up on the employees and Office Operations. However, by installing Satcomm’s high surveillance cameras, a person is never too far off from the office. Particularly in cities like Lahore and Karachi the utility of surveillance cameras is growing even more. Retail Outlets, banks or any business that has a network of branches would need Surveillance. Some of the key features offered by Satcomm’s Surveillance Services include:

  1. Security & Surveillance
  2. Motion Direction
  3. Real Time Recording
  4. IR Night Vision camera
  5. Low price with HD quality

Wireless Connections

Why hassle with too many wires in your office? When you can have wireless connections? Satcomm has recently introduced the idea of wireless connection within the office premises. So, what is a Wireless connection? Satcomm explains: “A wireless local-area network (LAN) uses radio waves to connect devices such as laptops to the Internet and to your business network and its applications.” Satcomm helps in setting up wireless connections. Some of the benefits that a small business can get from Wireless connections are given below:

  • Convenience: One can have an access to the resources from any location within the covered areas of the Network through WiFi hotspot
  • Mobility: Another added value is that none of the resource are tied up to their desks, employees can move around and work on the tasks being assigned to them
  • Productivity: With the help of Wireless connectivity, employees can move around and work in the team and in this way, they can help in getting the job done in less time
  • Easy setup: Wires are like a burden, with the help of Wireless connectivity, the cost of installation goes down drastically
  • Expandable: When it comes to wireless connection one can easily expand through wireless network unlike local area network which requires additional wiring attached to it
  • Security: In terms of security, wireless network provides strong security protections
  • Cost: Since wireless networks eliminates wiring costs, it’s more cost-efficient that than those wired networks

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VPN or Virtual Private Network

The use of VPN is on the rise. Seeing the opportunity, Satcomm introduced to its customers this facility. This safeguards and adds additional security to all communication, data and maintains confidentiality within the company and its employees. This is an extremely useful tool for Information Technology, advertising agencies, exporters, media houses, financial institutions and multinational companies.

Data Storage

One of the best services that Satcomm has to offer is of that of Data Center. Satcomm is the only company in Pakistan that provides Data Storage for its clients. Data Center can be referred to a facility that can be used to store systems and its components.

Computer Data storage, often called storage or memory is a technology consisting of computer components and recording media used to retain digital data. It is a core function and fundamental component of computers.

Wi-Fi Services

Besides Ethernet, Satcomm offers secured Wi-Fi enabling the office computers, smart phones, printers & scanners, tablet computers and digital audio players to run effectively with high speeds. All these devices can connect to the network resource via wireless network access point. The Wi-Fi range is incredible and suits medium to large office spaces covering 20 meters or 66 feet indoors and outdoors.

A fast Wi-Fi connection is now critical for any business. Emails, Research, Online representation, Lead generation all require a good Wi-Fi Connection. More benefits of having a reliable and efficient Wi-Fi are:

  • Office staff can easily move around in the office such as conference room and cafeteria without having to compromise on the Internet speed or availability
  • No need of putting up wires and cables for Internet connection. They not only look untidy but often jumble up and create havoc in case of any breakage
  • New desktops or laptops can be added to the network without any infrastructure expense

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Last but not the least, one of the benefits that Satcomm has to offer is that they have Fiber-optic cables. Satcomm offers the bandwidth that most of us aspire to have. This is the service that they feel proud of, they provide fastest internet connectivity which enables user to download any sort of music / movie, upload photos, stream online live football / cricket matches and much more. It’s perfect for those who want the speeds to connect multiple wireless enabled devices, sharing the Internet with many users, download just about anything instantly, transferring large files, streaming HD movies and online multiplayer gaming.

Various Packages

Ranging from mere 3,900 for 6 Mbps to 40,000 for 20 Mbps, Satcomm offer 10 excellent packages to suit all types of professional and personal use. At the end, due to the hype that Satcomm has created for itself people can recommend and suggest Satcomm to others who are looking for reliable Internet service provider with other Add on services that will help them manage their Business operations. One can always call them on their customer support number or visit them online for more information.  I am sure you’ll be amazed with the services and backup support that Satcomm provides which is so crucial in this time and age.

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