Is The Standard Chartered World Miles Credit Card For You

Is The Standard Chartered World Miles Credit Card For You
September 12, 2017 K Compare

With Standard Chartered’s World Miles credit card, you can explore the world – luxuriously! While carrying SCB’s World Miles credit card, you are set to enjoy tremendous amounts of benefits that it offers. It can help you to experience the whole world of benefits and rewards while travelling across several destinations across the globe.

Not just that, with SCB World Miles card, tickets to any destination around the world can be purchased, with hotel stay of our choice, along with many other benefits. It is indeed a great tool to travel around the globe by redeeming your World Miles points. Let’s evaluate whether SCB’s World Miles Credit Card is for you:

Who Can Apply For SCB WorldMiles Credit Card?

SCB World Miles Credit Card can be availed by any individual, who is 21 years of age or more, and drawing either PKR 25,000 in salary which is credited in an SCB account or PKR 50,000 in salary if it is credited to any other bank’s account.

For individuals who are self-employed, the terms include minimum income of PKR 70,000 and above and minimum age of 25 years. In either case, the applicant must have a valid local mobile phone number and an active email ID.

In addition, SCB requires that you should have a credit card or loan already availed from a bank, for a minimum of one year. If you meet these requirements, you can avail the credit card by applying with Standard Chartered Bank. Let’s now see the kind of benefits you can avail through the World Miles Credit Card by SCB:

Fee Structure for the SCB WorldMiles Credit Card

SCB World Miles Card charges monthly APR rate of 3.5% and the same rates apply for the balance transfer facility as well and cash advance. The card’s annual maintenance fee is PKR 8,000 and some additional charges apply, for cash advance, balance transfer, foreign transactions as well as late payments. You can get more details here as well when you compare cards that provide airmile benefits.

Travel Benefits with SCB WorldMiles Credit Card

SCB terms its discounts and offers, “The Good Life”. To provide these benefits to its customers, and to create ease for its customers at every step, SCB World Miles Credit Card has partnered with tons of outlets, retail shops and stores. No other credit card in Pakistan offer as many benefits as SCB World Miles Credit Card. Customers can enjoy trips to anywhere around the globe. They can even book the hotels of their choice, and rent a cab/car for their convenience. In addition to this, customers can also avail the global customer assistance, concierge service and 15% discount on any destination. The cardholder is also eligible for complimentary visa assistance and discounted gifts. The bank also offers $500,000 travel accident coverage.

By using the WorldMiles Calculator, you can also check the number of points you would need in order to purchase a ticket. With that in mind, you can easily avail the travel desk services free of charge, from SCB.

SCB offers 1 reward point upon spending Rs.40. With these accumulated points, customers can eventually ‘Step Inside a Travel Experience Like No Other’ and enjoy a free trip to a destination of their choice – anywhere around the globe.

Other facilities include complimentary lounge access across 22 airports worldwide, free concierge and travel desk services, visa assistance as well as meet and greet services for easy immigration across their airport.

Innumerable Discounts with SCB WorldMiles Credit Card

If you are shopaholic and a true food lover, then perhaps SCB WorldMiles credit Card has a lot to offer you. From all major cafes to diners and bakeries – every place offers outstanding discounts for the users of SCB WorldMiles Credits Card.

In addition to this, customers can even enjoy thrilling price cuts at famous apparel brands and other shopping hubs. These Good Life Privileges are offered only by SCB to its valuable customers. The biggest advantage is that you can avail worldmiles both in Pakistan as well as in Dubai, thus racking on points in both these countries, to avail whenever you want.

Considering all the rewards and benefits, what would be your final verdict? If you are still in a limbo then perhaps use our comparison calculator ( to evaluate which air mile credit card you should opt for.

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