NAYATEL Review & Packages

NAYATEL Review & Packages
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NayaTel Packages

NAYATEL Review Packages

There used to be a time when business meant multimillion rupee mills and large multinational organizations. Today’s age has changed so much that everyone is a budding entrepreneur wanting to become the next multi-millionaire. Investment, left, right and center, is in startups, restaurants, new small businesses, and home businesses, has led to change in lifestyles. Add technology to the mix and you have a transition within the country that nobody from the previous generation would have foreseen.

Technology has taken over the society, one will see that people are also adapting to the idea of accepting what is thrown towards them, this can be in the form of smartphones, smart televisions and new range of Laptops, which are making the life easier on daily basis. It somehow feels like all these gadgets have become a means of support and backbone for startups in Pakistan.

Broadband Internet in Pakistan has been on the rise. Faster speeds, better connectivity and limited downtime are some key reasons why individuals and small businesses are moving towards broadband connectivity. PTCL started broadband connectivity and since then several service providers have followed. Nayatel is one of the latest additions to this arena, that provides services within Islamabad and Faisalabad, with the hopes of expanding to other cities as well.

If you live or are working on your business in Islamabad or Faisalabad, read on as we give you a full review of


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How is Nayatel

Nayatel was the first company to have been able to launch the FTTH network services in Islamabad. They have transformed Islamabad into one of the hottest places to stay connected to internet 24/7 and is the only city which is properly optically wired in Pakistan.  They are known to have been a trendsetter in broadband; and have tried to align their services with customers’ expectations and requirements.

They believe in gaining the customers’ confidence so that they have the customer loyalty well in place with them. This is probably due to the fact that it is one of the only optically wired service within the area. This monopolistic presence has given them a huge clientele. However, their corporate strategy towards customer service excellence is what perhaps is keeping them afloat, and for good reason. Some of the reviewers rave about customer service, speed and reliability, claiming that Nayatel is one of the best services encountered:

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In order to be competitive in the market, Nayatel has launch three services which includes the Internet, Cable TV and Phone. They have created some good packages for themselves which are classified below:

1. Internet (Fast & reliable is now affordable)

When it comes to providing the Internet service, Nayatel has targeted two different sectors namely: Residential and Corporate sector.

Their services start from mere PKR 1,199 for 5 Mbps with download capacity of 45GB and goes up PKR 3,799 for 10 Mbps with download capacity of 55GB for residential sector. They have many different packages to offer for residentials other than the ones we have highlighted.

For corporate sector, the packages that they have to offer vary from basic ones to the premium ones. The basic package usually starts from PKR 2,500 for 6 Mbps with download capacity of 85 GB and goes up to PKR 13,900 for 10 Mbps for premium services with unlimited downloading. They have several other packages to offer which can fulfill the need of any corporate that requires a good high-speed internet.

2. Cable TV (HD)

When it comes to Cable TV, they have introduced different Cable TV packages for residential as well as for corporate sector respectively. These services include: Analog Cable, Digital Cable, HD Smart Box, Joy Box, Joy for Smart Phones and Joy for Smart Television.

3. Phone (Zero Line Rent)

NayaTel, also provides phone services, just like the Internet and Cable TV, Again, they have different Packages for residential and corporate sector for phone lines as well. For residential services, they charge installation cost of up to PKR 3,000 which includes 100 ft. double fiber drop cables. While for corporate, they charge Installation cost of up to PKR 6,000 which includes Premium and Metro Network along with 200 ft. double fiber drop cable. The fiber drop cable that they provide is rare in Pakistan and Nayatel imports this cable to compensate.

When it comes to providing services NayaTel believes in customer satisfaction, they are known for providing best Internet Services in Islamabad and Faisalabad, and they plan to expand their hold in other cities of Pakistan soon as well.

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