Offers From Meezan Bank

Offers From Meezan Bank
October 25, 2018 K Compare

Offers From Meezan Bank

Meezan Bank is an Islamic Bank and prides itself for being the first one in Pakistan. The bank offers a wide array of financial services to its customers to ensure loyalty to the institution. To provide a better picture, highlighted below are some of the offers Meezan Bank has provided upto date.

Reinstating the fact that it’s an Islamic bank, Meezan Bank has the vote of people who prefer being provided ‘Shariah-compliant financing solutions’ to meet the working capital finance etc. Not only this but the system within, is pretty integrated as well, thus guaranteeing that ‘value added banking products’, which fulfil the diverse business needs of the corporate clientele, are provided promptly.

Meezan also offers advice on mergers and acquisitions by developing ‘core expertise in arranging syndicated, structured and project finance’. The customer base in addition enjoys an advantage of being financially facilitated, whether its long term or short term, if their corporations require assistance from Meezan.

Like many other companies and businesses, Meezan has given customers the comfort of managing their accounts from the click of a button. People can now pay their bills online using the bank services, free of cost. Not only this but being a Meezan Bank card holder allows one to enter their location, on the institutes website, and view a list of amazing discounts and privileges to be availed on their debit card.

To add to the ever growing list of offers from Meezan Bank, lets not to forget to mention their fast and reliable ways to send remittance from abroad. Family members and relatives can easily transfer a monetary amount through the bank’s system, which can be collected from any branch of Meezan Bank located near the recipient’s current residence. Also customers can receive cash payment of up-to PKR 500,000 over the counter without having to open any bank account. That is a luxury for people in the trade business as they don’t have to go through an entire process to collect their money because time is of the essence.

With the advancement of the digital era, instant online transfers in real time to the beneficiary’s Meezan Bank account can be made with ease and efficiency. If the beneficiary happens to be a customer of another bank then the transfer can still take place via the Real Time Gross Settlement system (RTGS). Also the bank offers a service of providing credit facility to mobile wallets, eradicating the need to carry an actual wallet, so that you may have all you need right there with you in your cell phone.

In true Meezan Bank style, the institute has taken into consideration the smallest of the society’s religious values. With a majority Muslim population, the bank offers the Certificate of Islamic Investment through which they literally kill two birds with one stone. Here the company not only provides an opportunity to invest savings for periods ranging from 3 to 5 months but customers can also earn a ‘halal profit’ on a periodic basis. In contrast the Meezan Amdan Certificate offers ‘high expected returns’ on investment and also serves as an ideal system for those seeking a steady stream of monthly income. Following close behind is the Monthly Mudarabah Certificate which basically involves ‘short term investment with regular monthly returns’ and the Dollar Mudarabah Certificate through which you can invest your US dollars with the bank and ‘earn 6 monthly or maturity profit payments on your investment’.

Staying loyal to its label of an ‘Islamic Bank’ Meezan offers a halal and easy solution to its customers wanting to perform Umrah and Hajj ‘with comfort and convenience’. The Labbaik Travel Asaan is the solution for hopeful pilgrims. It comprises of many pleasant Umrah packages with different, trustworthy travel agents so that one may embark on the holy journey with ‘peace in mind’.

Furthermore, the bank strengthens the fact that it really cares about its customers through the issuance of the Takaful Coverage. This program offers members of upto 60 years of age the Accidental Death and Permanent Disability Takaful so that in their times of need, they can trust that the bank has got their backs. There is also the ATM Crash withdrawal Takaful which is offered to all customers within 30 minutes of their card being snatched so they can rely on Meezan and not feel helpless after stressful situations involving theft or robbery.

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