Optix Review & Packages

Optix Review & Packages
June 21, 2017 K Compare

Optix-review-and-packages optix - Optix review and packages - Optix Review & Packages

The internet industry in Pakistan has grown tremendously. Gone are the days when dial-up was the means of communication in the world of internet. Pakistan has come along the way, when the first dial-up Email services was introduced in the country by Imran-Net in 1992-93. Since then the next big thing that was introduced was the launch of Internet Services by Digi Com in the year of 1996. Since then there was no looking back. After dial-up, initially DSL was introduced as the fastest internet services available in Pakistan but now a new breed of internet service has been introduced, Fiber-Optic broadband.

Fiber-Optic broadband, in the home has become essential. If any individual is into heavy gaming, does online Streaming, runs a business or hates slow internet, then fiber-optic is the thing for you. Imagine using a slow speed internet connection to stream a movie on NetFlix. It even sounds painful, let alone the streaming itself. Pakistan currently has some of the top FTTH providers that are providing top of the line internet services for home as well as for the corporate sector. Among the choices that users have, Optix is one of them. We have given you the down low on Optix, to help you make that choice between which Fiber-Optic solution to go with.

Optix Review

Optix is one of those companies in Pakistan that is offering Ultra fast fiber to the home technology. They are committed to deliver a fast internet connection with up to 20mbps speeds for downloads and uploads. The kind of speed that they provide is enough to power any tablet, laptop, gaming system and streaming device at home or at office.

They not only provide internet connectivity but in fact also provide other services which include Television Entertainment packages. They feel proud of the services that they have to offer, they believe that the kind of channels that they have to offer will transform homes into cinemas. Or at least that’s what they claim.

Another key feature that they offer is that of telephone service, which has unlimited domestic calling and a great international package for those who make international calls on daily basis.

Optix mainly covers a larger part of the Defence and Clifton Area in Karachi and we couldn’t find much news of whether they intend to move ahead with other areas in Karachi or not. Their service is also available in Lahore in the DHA area.

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These were the good bits about Optix. The rough bits about Optix include problem with their customer service. A little research indicated that a lot of customer service issues have cropped up recently where customer service has not been able to answer people’s calls or resolve problems. Problems have ranged anywhere from slow or poor service to slow response time from customer support. However, some representatives from the organization are always active on Social Media to respond to people’s queries when necessary. A popular group, Tech-Aches, is always active and rife with people asking questions and comparing Optix services with others, like Storm-Fiber, both providing similar packages.

Optix Packages

Optix has introduced three internet bundles, what they claim, cover endless possibilities of unlimited entertainment. They also have the option for users to mix and match services within packages to create a completely custom package – allowing flexibility in running a completely customized package based on need.

When you apply for the connection, you need to pay one-time installation charges which includes Fiber installation fee for Optix service which is at Rs. 4,999/-. The first television is complete free in the package, but for any additional Television, additional installation charges are applied upto Rs. 1,000/-. Optix also offers Digital Cable Box, the installation fee for this box is Rs. 4,500/-.

The Internet Bundles that Optix has to offer are classified below:
1. Swift
2. Overdrive
3. Hyper Boost

All the three bundles have three different packages attached to it. The speed varies from package to package. The speed starts from as low as 2Mbps and goes up to 60Mbps, at different price range. If you apply add-ons then the price would increase slightly.

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