Product Review – JS Bank Platinum Credit Card

Product Review – JS Bank Platinum Credit Card
September 21, 2016 Mrs. K Compare

JS Bank Platinum Credit Card

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JS Bank Platinum Credit Card is one of the most recent banks to offer Platinum Credit cards. This is a “Visa” powered card which gives you the convenience to charge your credit card at millions of outlets worldwide. Unfortunately, JS Bank provides no criteria for the eligibility of applicants when applying for the credit card, therefore exact income requirements for salaried or self-employed individuals cannot be provided. Our team has prepared an overview of the JS Bank Platinum Credit Card based on various assessment criteria:

APR & BTF Rate:

JS Bank Platinum Credit Card annual percentage rate or APR is 3.33% per month which translates to a significant 40% per year. The balance transfer rate (BTF) of the card comes close to 24% per year or a monthly rate of 2%. Because of comparatively higher rates than market averages, JS Bank Platinum Credit Card has been rated WEAK by our team.

Fees and Waiver:

JS Bank Platinum Credit Cardholders incur an annual fee of Rs. 6,000. The fee charged is higher than those charged by other providers, therefore our team has rated the card WEAK.

Salient Discounts:

JS Bank Platinum Credit Card falls far behind its competitors when it comes to offering discounts. The card has offers on only 50+ outlets across Pakistan. Due to this, our team has given a POOR rating to the JS Bank Platinum Credit Card. Some of the outlets at which the card offers discounts are Red Emperor, Studio Café, Sabs Salon, Puma, and Cotton & Cotton.

Travel Benefits:

Our team has analyzed that Travel Benefits on Platinum credit cards in Pakistan are significantly lesser when compared to offers on Platinum credit cards worldwide. JS Bank Platinum Credit Card only offers free access to local airport lounges. These travel benefits fall short of the Pakistan industry’s standard offerings, compelling our team to mark the JS Bank Platinum card as WEAK.

Loyalty Program and Benefits:

JS Bank Platinum Credit Card has a WEAK loyalty and benefits program, no loyalty program information was available at the time of publishing this article.

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About JS Bank

JS Bank is a majority-owned subsidiary of Jahangir Siddiqui & Co. Ltd. and currently operates 277 branches in 138 cities. The activities of JS Bank are categorized into five business units. They are Retail Banking, Wealth Management, Corporate Banking, Investment Banking and Treasury.

Disclaimer: The above review is non-sponsored. The views expressed in this article is of the content team and does not represent the bank and/or its employees. Application requirements, features, fees, may be subject to change depending on the bank’s policy and regulatory requirements from time to time.

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