Review of SCB Credit Cards

Review of SCB Credit Cards
August 23, 2017 K Compare
Review of SCB Credit Cards-Karlocompare

It is really important to gain an understanding of credit cards in today’s digitally driven world.

Basically, a Credit Card provider (any bank) issues a credit card to the consumer and they can use it to purchase anything from a retailor. Credit card transactions can even be conducted online as well.

The secondary usage of credit cards is carried out for balance transfers and withdrawing cash (either through cash advance or withdrawal from an ATM). Store cards are even similar to credit cards, but they can only be used in certain kinds of stores or shops. The scope of store cards usage is very limited.

Usage of Credit Cards

Credit Cards can be used globally and they are very easily accepted in several places, whether in the customer’s home country or abroad. They are very useful and handy in this regard. Though, a fee is usually charged while using credit card abroad. It is necessary to check the agreement related to the credit card before making any transaction. There is a credit limit for every credit card.

The limit refers to the total amount that any user can spend while using the credit card. It is recommended to have some credit available on the credit card because of the charges related to the interest rate. The details related to the transaction are shown on the bank statement of the customer, which also includes:

  • The total minimum amount that needs to be paid.
  • The date which is fixed for the credit card provider in order to receive minimum payment.
  • In case of not paying the balance in full every month, an interest is going to be charged on the remaining balance in the account.
  • An agreement related to the credit card needs to be checked in order to obtain information related to the overall costs of the card.

Choosing the Right Card

There are several types of Credit Cards available for the customers. Though, it is important for the customer to select the right card based on their financial need. These are some of the credit cards offered by Standard Chartered Bank in Pakistan:

MasterCard Titanium

There are exclusive privileges along with Cash back benefits.

MasterCard Cashback Credit Card

These cards are useful in terms of reducing the burden of monthly expenses for any customer and they can also make life more affordable for them.

Visa Platinum Credit Card

It is a lifestyle, and it guarantees an unparallel level of service to the customer.

Visa Gold Card

This particular card is basically for those people who wish to have ultimate indulgence to their lifestyle.

MasterCard Easy Credit Card                                                       

This particular card has the lowest financial charge and it provides an access to Standard Chartered services in any part of the world.

Details of the Credit Card Solutions

World Miles Credit Card

It is certainly very good for the consumer when their spending helps them to travel different places and having a Standard Chartered credit card is useful as you can find a branch almost anywhere in the world. The benefits of World Miles Credit Card are:

Fly For Free

The more any person is going to spend; it will help them to earn more miles on their Credit Cards.

Redeem the WorldMiles

The WorldMiles can be redeemed in order to conduct booking of hotels.

Access to Airport Lounge

The customer can enjoy unlimited access to over 22 airport lounges in different parts of the world.

Concierge Services

This includes the personalized travel and lifestyle services.

WorldMiles Calculator

The WorldMiles Calculator can be used before travelling to the next destination.

Discounts and Offers

Exclusive discounts across Pakistan and UAE can be obtained.

Platinum Privileges

It includes the features and benefits of WorldMiles Card which are tailor-made for consumer’s lifestyle.

Visa Platinum Credit Card

Special Features

The VISA Platinum Card of Standard Chartered symbolizes the success and provides strong encouragement to people enjoy in it. This particular premium product consists of exclusive services which are vital in complementing the lifestyle of any person. VISA Platinum Credit Card helps customers in enjoying personalized customer service and numerous exciting offers. The customers are also able to benefit from several discount offers and avail facilities in services such as in travel, dining and hotel-related outlets. By availing this particular card, customers would be able to take advantage of exceptional rewards program and even earn five points for every PKR 200 per transaction that has been spent. The customer can easily redeem their reward points for a gift of their choice from Treasures catalogue with the help of VISA Platinum Credit Card.

More Benefits and Features

The additional number of benefits and features are Personalized level of Customer Service, Reservation of Flights, Reservations of Hotels, Platinum Dining etc.

MasterCard Titanium Credit Card

This particular credit card by Standard Chartered Bank  is recognized as one having value-addition along with being a distinctive card which consists of exclusive MasterCard privileges, that have never existed before cashback benefits. This card is certainly valuable in terms of meeting the expenses in the most cost effective manner.

Special Features

MasterCard Titanium Credit Card is certainly very valuable in terms of providing round round-the-clock travel and entertainment support with the help of vibrant Concierge Service program. Some of the special features include:

  • Fuel: – With every purchase of car fuel, 5% instant cashback is received on all transactions. The limit can go till PKR 10000 Rs amount.
  • Supermarket: – Cashback rewards are received at the purchase of every grocery item. Just like fuel, 5% instant cashback can be received and the limit can go till PKR 10000 Rs amount.
  • Electronic Outlets: – A 3% cashback can be earned on any electronic item purchase. The upper monthly card is Rs 1,000 per card.
  •  Cashback Calculation: – With every complete transaction, the account will be credit immediately with cashback that has been agreed with the vendor. For instance, during the purchase of the fuel amounting to Rs 1,000 worth, PKR 50 is going to be received immediately in cashback rewards. The net transaction in this regard is going to be PKR 950.

More Benefits and Features

Some of the more benefits and features are going to be Global acceptability, Cash Advance, eStatements, Internet Banking and SMS Banking.

Easy Credit

The facility of Easy Credit associated with Standard Chartered Bank combines both the power of a Credit Card along with the convenience of Cheque book. Easy Credit consists of the lowest financial charge and access to the services of Standard Chartered in any part of the world can be availed as well.

Special Features

The special feature of the Easy Card consists of Lowest Mark-up Rate, Convenience of Cheque Book, Cash Advance, BTF (Balance Transfer Facility), ATM Convenience etc.

Corporate Cards

This particular one card will help in the fulfillment of Corporate Travel & Entertainment needs. The salient features of Corporate Cards are: –

Competitive Mark up

Lowest ever mark-up rates are charged to customers

Dedicated Relationship Manager

An Experienced Dedicated Relationship Manager will certainly take care of customer’s needs in the best possible manner.

Access to Airport Lounges

There will be an easy access on both local and Middle Eastern Lounges.

Exclusive MasterCard Privileges

The discounts will be offered related to Travel, Dining and Entertainment.

 Concierge Services

The options of Corporate Travel Bookings are just a call away.

GoodLife Privileges

The discounts are going to be offered both in Pakistan and UAE as well.

Supplementary Credit Card

The option of Supplementary Credit Card is also available for the customers.

Undoubtedly, Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) has a wide range of options available for its customers in Pakistan and since it is one of the biggest banks in the world, it is not a bad idea to have a SCB card in your wallet or purse at all times!

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