Road Rage And Auto Insurance

Road Rage And Auto Insurance
May 16, 2018 K Compare


Summers are here and when climate is fractious, one gets easily agitated and grumpy. Especially in Karachi where the roads are jammed and congested on daily basis due to political, religious and criminal activities, motorists experience a lot of road rage and the rise in temperature is an additional fuel to it.


Road rage is a form of aggressive or reckless driving that could lead to accidents and sometimes loss of lives as well. Due to crowded roads or traffic jams, drivers behind the wheel get so angry that they start driving irresponsibly for example speeding, cutting of someone closely, tailgating, collision etc. As a counter effect, anti-social or aggressive behavior takes charge between the drivers, occasionally resulting in the form of violence or even personal assault on the road. Which leads us to the important question, does the auto insurance covers the damage caused by a road rage?


Hence, it might be surprising news for you that road rage is rarely covered by auto insurance because any damage or injury caused due to road rage does not count as an accident, instead it is a result of risky behavior, and mostly insurance companies are not accountable for a road ragger’s dangerous or unsafe activity.

Still, there is exclusion for the unfortunate victims of road rage, they can claim for their damages due to road rage under comprehensive or collision coverage. But, the bad news is, it is hard to prove to the insurance company that the insured person did not contribute in anyway in the heat of the situation which is mostly unlikely to happen. Hence, gathering as much as evidence (photos of the scene, witness statements, etc.) at the scene will be beneficial in proving one’s innocence.



Instead of taking the risk of paying the costs of road rage, which may or may not be paid by your auto insurance, the best way is to keep your temper behind the wheel and avoid road rage by following these tips mentioned below:

  • Never drive in an aggressive or speedy mode. Always plan ahead and leave early so that you have enough time to get there where you need to go.
  • Do not tailgate other drivers or follow too closely. If the car ahead brakes suddenly, the accident which will take place will be determined as your fault.
  • Keep your cool and do not engage with aggressive drivers in any way, don’t use hand gestures even as it will make them more violent and angry.
  • If you experience a speedy car or an aggressive driver stay as far away as possible from them. Slow down and change lanes or let that car pass through to give yourself room and peace of mind.

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