Standard Chartered’s Visa Platinum Credit Card

Standard Chartered’s Visa Platinum Credit Card
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Standard Chartered Visa Platinum Credit Card is an opportunity for you to excel in your lives, while enjoying every minute of it. This outstanding product offers a world of exclusive services, especially made to compliment your lifestyle. Along with incomparable offers and deals, it also pairs innumerable discounts and facilities if you frequently dine in, travel and hang out with friends and family.

What Do You Get With the SCB Visa Platinum Card

SCB Visa Platinum Card has a lot to offer to its prominent customers, designed to serve them in the best of ways. Upon using the card locally or internationally, customers can enjoy high-end discounts and services. Global acceptance of Visa card brings about a lot of ease to the overall shopping or traveling experience.

Customers drawing an income or salary of PKR 70,000 or above (or PKR 40,000 if you are a government employee), qualify for SCB Visa Platinum Credit Card, SCB’s prestigious and highest card in the category. If you are interested in signing up for this card, read more as we talk about the fee structure and the benefits you can avail with this card:

APR & BTF Rate of SCB Visa Platinum Card

The SCB Visa Platinum Credit Card charges annual percentage rate (APR) of 42%, and 3.5% per month. Moreover, its card balance transfer rate (BTF) and cash advance charges are the same as well, 3.5% monthly, and 42% annually.

Fee Structure

Customers can enjoy all the benefits of this card while paying its annual membership fee of PKR 8,000. Other fees include charges on BTF and cash advance, including PKR 600 or 3% of the BTF amount, and PKR 1,000 or 3% of the cash advance respectively.

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Which extra discounts and offers can you enjoy?

Why choose the SCB Visa Platinum card when you can choose so many others? Let’s talk about the benefits, discounts and offers you can avail with this card. Up to 150 vendors provide various types of discounts and offers on travel, food, shopping, and even online. SCB also makes it easy to use its credit card both locally as well as internationally. What SCB calls, the good life privileges, includes tons of local eateries, lifestyle shops and stores such as fitness and clothes, airline tickets, as well as ecommerce related discounts.

With the platinum card, you also get to avail services of the Platinum Travel Desk and plan a personal or business trip. From ticket booking to visa arrangements, and from news updates to details on requirements before travel, the Platinum Travel Desk is available to the card customer without extra charges.

Concierge services, ticket delivery at home, hotel reservations, cab hire, and limousine services, all can be availed if you own an SCB Visa Platinum card. You can also walk into local as well as international VIP lounges at the airport and avail services within these lounges. Business class travelers, with these benefits of the card, can truly encounter a luxury trip locally as well as internationally.

In addition to all the benefits above, you can also avail reward points against swiping your credit card. For any local, international, fuel or grocery spend, you can avail 5 points for every PKR 200 spent. These points could save those thousands of rupees as upon accumulation, they can even get their annual fee waived off. Or, you can use these reward points to purchase items off the catalogue.

SCB with its international brand name, provides several benefits over other banks in terms of Global Customer Assistance Service (GCAS) and Zero Liability, giving you a truly global experience. Emergency services can easily be availed by calling one of the help numbers available, if you are a platinum card holder.

With all these benefits, do you think you would want to opt for the SCB Platinum Visa Credit Card? If you are still debating with yourself, use our nifty comparison tool to evaluate which credit card may be best for you.

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